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To continue my saga with lung cancer, Inez and I just returned from the Thoracic Surgeon with the result being that I have Stage 1A Lung Cancer, which if there is good news, than Stage 1A is considered to be good news. We did ask what the outcome would be if I did nothing and was told that the prognosis from her experience is approx. 3 years, which to us was not acceptable. Still have a lot of time left to aggrivate each other. Anyway it has been decided to go with the VAT procedure which is using a camera to hopefully see what she is doing and taking out the upper lobe of my left lung. Inez is going to mark the left side so there is no mistake and they take the right lobe instead.The doctor estimates that it is approx. a two hour operation and that I will be in the hospital 7 - 10 days. She says she likes to estimate a longer time than it might actually be. We plan to do this either Dec 6 or Dec 7. Our 23rd Wedding Anniversary is Dec 3. We always look for something special to celebrate our wedding anniversay, like going to a nudist colony, but guess getting this operation will have to suffice for now. Will really celebrate when it is all over with. Again, I must say that I am so very fortunate to have caught this insidious cancer early, to have such a wonderful, loving and caring wife as Inez along with the greatest children in the world, great relatives, plus so many friends and being involved with the Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer Support Groups. Would never be able to maintain a positive attitude without all this fantastic support and love.

Inez and I thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

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Thanks again to all of you that have replied. You are all so thoughtful and caring it is wonderful and makes me beleive this world is not as crazy as it sometimes seems. Do not know how much computer time Inez will have as she plans on spending most of the time in the hospital with me. If I had a lap computer and the hospital would allow me I would certainly be on it. Thankyou you all again. Do not foget, be positive, do not give up, be your own advocate.

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