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Cancer is gone in mom!!


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I have some amazong news. My mom had a CT scan last week and the doctors are in shock. Her tumor is gone! No sign of cancer anywhere.

She has had 7 weeks of radiation, (last day was Friday, YAY!!) and only 2 rounds of chemo.

They still want to do the preventative radiation on the brain and 4 more rounds of chemo. But they are supposed to lower the dose a little (due to some scalp burning last round) and hopefully we will be good.

Some of you may remember me, I posted once before about how I wanted mom to 'say no to chemo', (because of alternative treatments). But I wanted to let you all know that she is doing great. Just great! We are all so happy! BTW, how do I find my old post. I don't see it anywhere and it's not that old!!???

A little background on mom--

-66yo smoker

-Diagnosed with sclc in August2007 (nasty cough and back and belly pain)

-Biopsies reveal Sclc sept, three inch mass on Left lung wrapped around pulm artery and bronchial tube. No surgery.

-Oct. Start Alternative treatment first (snake venom, believed to reduce cancerous tumors).

-Start Radiation and first chemo

Mom does well, Low wbc and fatigue Hair loss.

-CT scan showed a 50% reduction of tumor size! Amazing!

-Nov round two chemo. mom is sick. Can't move for three days. ANother 4 days to recover. Burnt scalp and throat. Loses some weight. But has a great month in spite of it.

-Nov - CT scan shows tumor is gone. Doctors want to do another in one month.

-next round chemo scheduled for Weds.

That's the story for now. We bought her a new wig to celebrate.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to share!


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Congratulations on the wonderful news !!!!!!!!!!

Here is your post also;

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 2:27 pm Post subject: Saying no to chemo!

My mom was diagnosed with SCLC, limited, in August. She started chemo (cytplatin (sp?) and one that begins with E). Three days in a row, once a month. She had one round of chemo. Also started 6 weeks of radiation. It has only been two and a half weeks and the tumor is already shrunk by 50%.

She is really feeling the effects of chemo now. Hair is falling out in clumps. WBC down to a 2. Pain in every joint due to daily shots to boost wbc.

My question and my PROBLEM is HOW IS CHEMO HELPING when all it does is HURT??????????

This is only the beginning and it's looking pretty grim.

Why do chemo if it makes someone soooo sick and why do it if sooo many people end up with it spreading anyway????

I believe in a quality of life. She is doing fine with the radiation. Why do all this chemo.

Its my understanding that chemo is supposed to kill cancer cells (and every other cell) in order to stop it from spreading to other body parts, right??? But how can your body protect itself against such a nasty thing as cancer cells if it's constantly being poisoned with chemo? Isn't this a critical time, when boosting immunity, instead of killing it, makes the most sense? If the tumor is going away, that should be enough. Why practically kill yourself for 6 rounds to only find out the cancer spread anyway.

Is anyone questioning chemo? Is anyone trying alternative therapies? Does anyone ever survive cancer without chemo? I know that people still die from cancer even though they are being treated and being made so sick. Why is chemo just accepted and never questioned. Doesn't it seem backward?

I am trying to convince my family to be on my side, so we can convince my mom not to do anymore chemo treatments. It's a tough sell. If the doctor could promise that the chemo will prevent the cancer from spreading, that would be something, but they cannot. They are taking a chance hoping it works. And I just don't get it. So many people still die. SO many times it spreads. Why put yourself though such torture. She is 66, She is not going to tolerate this well. This alone may kill her. And I don't want her to go like that.

Anything anyone can add would be so appreciated.


8-07 diagnosed with sclc, limited. Left lobe collapses.

10-10-07 First of three in a row chemo. And radiation for 6 weeks.

10-24-07 Feeling the nasty effects. Hair loss. Low whit blood cells.

Also had cat scan. Tumor shrunk 50% (3 inch mass down to 1.5)

Started getting shots to boost wbc. So sick . Bones and joints hurt.

That's it so far. 2 pack a day smoker for 50 years.

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Just wanted to let you know that mom is undergoing round three (last day today) and she is doing really well. She has a terrible sick stomach. (anyone have any ideas for that? Meds or otherwise?) but, that is really all for now..

The doc changed her from cystplatin to carboplatin (sorry for spelling), but thank GOD for that. If she isn't so sick, maybe we can get all these treatments done instead of her giving up. The carboplatin was recommended to me by someone here earlier, in my old post, and I am so glad the doc changed it. Mom got two rounds of the former drug, which is supposedly very strong, but highly effective for sclc and women in general. BUt this new one is only once a month (not twice like the former) and is a little "gentler". Also, mom gets a second med (begins with an E) that she gets three days in a row each month.

I will try to keep everyone up to date. I know it's helpful to read some good news about this disease for a change.

BTW, I am getting some spam in my personal message box from Sophiahiggins645 with 822 in the subject line. It's the second time I've gotten a message with this title. And it's some kind of "cancer cure protocol". (I am all for natural remedies, but not spam) Has anyone else gotten this? Can I report it? I messaged her back, but no reply. How annoying.

Take care all!


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Still great news! So glad to hear it. As far as the upset tummy, my dad did best when he could get a little in there. He kept pretzels by him at all times, and simply had one or two every now and then. It seemed like the upset stomach was worse when his tummy was empty. He even did this in the night.



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I have a question for all you experienced people out there.

Since my mom is feeling so good, we are afraid that her doctor will change the meds again, or up the dose, or do something to "push" her a little harder. My mom is actually afraid to tell the doctor how good she really feels for fear of her changing something. (the doc will be able to see that mom is doing good)

In your experience do doctors do that??? If they think you can take more, or if they think you are fairing too well?? Is this a ridiculous question????

See sees her tomorrow. Any advice?? (her next chemo is probably not till Jan 5th, or so, it might be too soon)

Thax! Connie

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In our experience, if the treatment is working they will NOT change the meds. Mom sounds like she's doing great so there should be no need to change anything.

The whole treatment plan sounds very standard to me for SCLC.

Blessings to you and your family.

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