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want to be full of hope. I have had 2 different Docs tell me I have stage 3b and stage 4 nsclc. Yes I was a smoker for 27 years. I quit 2 weeks after my diagnosis with the help of Chantix. I am using several different alternative meds along with my chemo. The one that seems most helpful is Haelan 951. It is about $50 a day, but with family's help, my husband and I are making it. I have not lost any hair, not that that would bother me, nor have I had any really bad chemo hangovers as of yet. That would bother me. They say it's all in my right lung and nodes, no mets yet! Yeah. The haelan 951 is supposed to help with the anti-angiogensis. I stay away from sugar and try to eat as healthy as I can. I pray a lot and try to keep the faith.


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Hi Kathy:

Welcome to LCSC. Sorry you had to find us but this is the best place on the web for info, support and help. My hubby is stage 3a and was diagnosed 20 months ago. There are survivors as you will find here. Good luck with your chemo and please keep us posted on how you're doing. Good Luck & God Bless


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Welcome Kathy: I hope you are getting some shrinkage now. If one has a tumor spread from one lung to the other, that is considered stage 4, but it is not as dire as having distant mets I think. Technically, I probably have stage 4 disease, but it is all contained in my upper right lobe of my remaining lung.

So, good luck with your treatment.

don M

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"Man is what he thinks. Not what he says, reads or hears. By persistent thinking you can free yourself from any chains, whether of poverty,sin,ill health,unhappiness or fear." Ella Wheeler Wilcox,from Norman Vincent Peales book "Positive Thinking For A Time Like This"
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