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New here


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Hi everyone

just found this site.

My name is Jim and I'm 53 married with 1 son ( 26 )

Had a bad case of flu at the end of October and went too see my doctor who sent me for a chest X ray

Noted a small spot on upper left lobe and then went for ct scan which revealed a small 1.9 cm nodule

Pet scan showed that spot ( thankfully no others ) as hot.

Went for a Bronchoscopy/ biopsy 12/10 but unfortunately could not get to the tumor and lung collapsed ( got to spend an unexpected night at hospital )

Now will be going in for Surgery tomorow ( 12/11 )

for VAS at which point they'll do biopsy and if cancerous proceed to remove upper left node.

At this point Drs' are saying stage 1 if it turns out cancerous

Well thats it for now will let you know how things are when I get back home from surgery

Thanks for taking the time to read


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Hi Jim

I had my upper left lobe removed in September. I had a 2.1cm nodule. I was only in hospital for 3 days and the recovery has gone alot easier than I had anticipated. Good luck tomorrow.

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Welcome Jim,

I am so glad that your cancer was caught early. When you get home do remember to walk every day and to also drink plenty of water. You will probably be given medication for pain, but if it makes you to loopey or contipates you try Alleve over the counter pain medication. Take them before the pains sets in. It really helped me. Take care and heal.


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