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Getting to Know You - December 31


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So, my friends, one year is almost gone and a new year awaits us. I know that there are many of us that can't wait to see this year come to an end, as many unpleasant things have happened and a brand new year always holds hope of better things to come. I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy and fulfilling 2008. I pray this will be the year that a cure for this terrible disease, that has affected all of us, will be found.

Now...for the GTKY question for today....

Are you making any New Years resolutions this year? If so, please share them with us!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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Thanks for your good wishes Ann.

Last year Joel was in emergency and we watched the ball fall at 12:00 there. He was admitted for 3 days. What a difference a year makes... Celebrating and going out with some good friends.

Did not make any NY resolutions yet. I know I have to lose some weight and maybe more salads.. :roll:

Maryanne :wink:

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My resolutions are to pass my State CNA Test, go back to work at least part-time, be a better, nicer, kinder person, take better care of my body, let my hubby know how very much I love him ~ every single day~ be a better witness to people, pray more, and write a children's book.

I'm tired already! :D

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No resolutions here, just hoping that 2008 is a kinder year for us all.

2007 will not go down in my memory book as a stellar example of life's lessons, more of a how NOT to book. :roll:

Onward and upward, for me there's nowhere to go but up so thats the direction I'm going :lol:

Happy and healthy New Year everyone.


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I need to start purging the stuff in my house that we've accumulated over the years. Similar to Ry, if something happens to me, I don't want my daughter (executor/trustee) to have to wade through all of this crap! I need to photograph items that are of the family heirloom variety, so nothing gets tossed that shouldn't be tossed when the time comes. I've already started amassing important papers, information on what needs to be done, detailed notes, etc. for her while it's still fresh in my mind from me having to do it.

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To get back into shape. I used to workout everyday,

but have been side tracked with life in general. Time

to make time for myself and start sweating again :P

I love to sweat!!!!

Not sure what lies ahead for 2008, just want to get

Alan through chemo and stable once again. All I know

is 2007 started with Alan's cancer coming back and

ended with Alan's cancer coming back. We were both

very happy to see 2007 end and 2008 start.

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