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Please dear Lord, can we catch a break?? I always drove to my sister's house and celebrated the New Year with her. I have no where to go this year..at least nowhere I want to go. And on top of all of that, I think I sprang my elbow just a few minutes ago. We had to work a half day today and since the coffee shop was closed, I decided to go to the machines upstairs and get me a snack. The freakin' machine took my dollar and would not give me my "hot fries" and so I tried to shake it loose, that didn't work..so I got a running start and bumped the machine a couple of times and NOW my elbow hurts when I straighten my arm and I still didn't get my hot fries!!!

Let's all say a prayer that 2008 brings us some sort of happiness..because 2007 has been a real bummer!!!

Sorry for the rant...it's just that I really want those Hot Fries!! and I really miss Beverly!!!

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Hi Bev.

I am sorry for the day you are having... but you still made me laugh, Sorry I just conjured this picture of you going through this in my mind.

Before you know it, New Years will be over and you won't have to deal with that first anymore.

I pray 2008 will be better for you and some of our family here.


Maryanne :cry:

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I really hope you get some Hot Fries. It's the least the cosmos owe you after this year!

I was cleaning up last night, and found my mom's passport. She only got to use it once, the year before she died, and she was so proud to have it. I made it through Christmas (barely), but I sat in my closet and cried while I held her passport.

She usually spent NYE with us--we rented a cabin the year before last. I miss her. My daughter is having a slumber party tonight w/ a bunch of girls--glad they will be celebrating---hopefully it will be contagious. I will be celebrating the end of the 'holiday' season! I'm ready to go back to work, if that is what it takes to end it!

Understanding hugs to you today.


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Tonight, just get through tonight and it might be ok. I just want to be asleep, or better yet unconscious. Our former neighbor invited me to his family's new years, we always had such fun Christmas Eves together. So....I decided to read through the 2007 calendar since I won't be alone all evening. Bad stomach ache, tears, heavy heart...God is going to be carrying me through tonight.


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I'm so sorry , but I have to admit that you made me smile too... as you so often do. I hope that one day you will be able to smile about this too. Keep your sense of humor,it will help at the times when you need it the most. Hope you are feeling better today and that you do get some hotfries. :lol:


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