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Just to let you know, I will once again be posting the GTKY questions tommorrow (Monday). I have been so out of it that I haven't even been turning on the computer but I promise to be better about that. I'm still unemployed and very upset about the employment outlook here right now but I have to get over this depression and I figure you guys are just the folks to help me laugh again. So, please forgive my absence for the past few weeks and know that I have missed all of you very much!

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Hey! Let's have a party! My DH has been unemployed since before Thanksgiving. School teacher income doesn't quite cut it. I've even gone so far as to look up the patron saint of job seekers / unemployed (never heard of him!). I'm putting him on the case tomorrow, and I will add you guys to his list as well.

:) Kelly

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Welcome back Ann,

Employment outlook should

wake up for March, at least

here in Quebec (Canada) the

past looney uprise sent people

to the unemployment line very

fast but with the period of holidays

to finish the year all stayed on the

back burner, now the wake up call is

loud and results should follow.

A bit the same for the real estate


Good luck to all.


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I have been wondering (worrying) about you, Ann. Maybe the temp to permanent route like nyka is doing would be the direction to head right now. Sorry you've been down in the dumps. Let Tanner Dog give you some big, wet, sloppy kisses to make it all better :wink: ! Good luck in the hunt. In the meantime, come here and let us try to pick you up. Nyka has posted some 'naughties' in the 'Just for Fun' forum. That oughta do it :lol: !


Kasey (Fred and Teddy too)

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