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I had my tap procedure done on Wednesday, they actually drained half a liter from around my left lung and I came out feeling like a new woman.........yes I remember this feeling, you're not actually aware of breathing! :wink::wink:

Well I can still breathe today but I have put on a couple of pounds which is worrying as I should have lost it - don't like to be ordinary! The dr had reduced my lasix after the procedure because I complained about the side effects......wired all night, I swear I could broadcast the eleven'o'clock news and the reception would be perfect :lol::lol: .

Needless to say this is not what I need, I need to sleep for more than 2 hours a night and we're working on getting that done.

At the moment one of my biggest complaints is the residual effects of mouth sores. The back of my tongue (and it's improved :shock: ) looks liike the Rockies. This needledss to say makes me gag, cough and try to vomit constantly (nice topic if you've just had breakfast!)

Richard did some more research tonight and finds out that there is no medication for this hideous side effect of some chemos. Time seems to be the healer along with a few OTC products to ease the dry mouth that goes along with it. Does this never end? :x:x

I guess the upside of all this is that I'm so preoccupied with all these blasted side effects that the cancer does take a back seat and isn't given much thought.......talk about a double edged sword :roll:

My radiation has been put on hold until this lung/heart crap has been sorted out and I think it's time to say au revoir to dr pickle.......a nurse who had never met her told me yesterday that I wasn't the only one who thought she needed a personality transplant, she ordered the procedure and I haven't heard a darn thing from her yet. But, the cardiologist who's a sweetheart was there right after my chest xray to see how I felt..........maybe she could give dr pickle some pointers or tell her which classes she missed in med school :lol::lol:

Well I've wasted another perfectly good chunk of your life for you.........I seem to be good at running off at the mouth during the night-time hours.....thanks for staying with me and reading this through - no literary critics need apply to edit though.

I'm going to watch some TV now and see if it will send me into a come for a few hours.

Night all


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Well, Geri, I am right here with you, friend :? . I WON'T EVEN tell you the problem I'm having sleeping tonight......well, okay, I will. There is this piercing pain (sort of what I imagine a cattle prod may feel like or an electric shock rod)that hits the side of my calf area (inside) on my left leg. It occus about every 2-3 minutes. Sooooooooooo I cannot get to sleep. So it seems we are here together. Wanna play 'Go Fish' or something :shock: ?

Seriously though, I'm sorry about the water weight and know it is troubling, indeed. So what's the next step to try to get to the bottom of it? I was feeling rather optimistic after the tap. Now :twisted: !

I think if I could sit in this straight chair with my legs on the floor, the shock may be under control somewhat. Kinda hard to sleep upright with no support though. So I say sh#! for the both of us :evil::roll::? .

Night, night.


PS: Guess no word on the path report yet?????

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Try taking melatonin and see if it helps get your sleep cycle back on track. It's a supplement you can get anywhere that has a good selection of vitamins. An old time pharmacist once told me that swishing your mouth with an antacid like Maalox will help neutralize the acid in your mouth so the sores can heal.

I hope things get better for you--


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Hi Geri,

I'm so sorry for your problems--that is so irritating to not be able to sleep. I'm doing that waking up thing now in the middle of the night and knowing I have to work in the morning and need my sleep, but nevertheless, I'm still laying there with my head spinning. And I'm not in treatment right now!

I do think though that's a common complaint among us 50+ women.

Did want to mention too, that my sister had a terrible time with mouth sores throughout her breast cancer chemo, and time is what it takes to get those healed. They did go away eventually, but she found nothing to work on them when shewas in the midst of her treatment.

i hope things are better for you real soon! Thinking of you,


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If it were not for my new best friend Ambien, I would

not sleep at night either. My mind runs 100mph when

it hits the pillow. Is Alan ok, is chemo working,

cancer growing, what needs to get done at work, home

ect. sleep was about impossible. So now I take my

little helpers, get a good night sleep so I am able to take of Alan.

I am sorry to hear about the mouth sores and unfortunatley I have nothing to offer in the way of

relief. I hope you feel better soon.

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I think tonight I may just have to hit the scotch bottle :lol::lol: , just kidding. I've been the Ambien route and have the most vivid dreams, almost nightmares really, and they only last a few hours.

Hadn't thought of Melatonin, I think Richard has a bottle he uses when he's trasvelling.....I'll check it out.

my mouth sores have for the most part gone, just the residue left behind on the back of my tongue and throat, time will heal it all but I'm running out of patience :P .

Right now it's almost 8pm and I'm thinking of going to bed, I'm wacked and even a few hours wil be better than last night.

I woke Richard up AGAIN last night around 3am, bless his heart he just gets up and rubs my back until I stop snivelling. I think it's getting a bit old now :wink::lol: to hear a grown woman whisper "are you awake" from the bedroom doorway! At least I don't do what most kids do and stand and stare at him in the dark until he feels he's being watched..........most parents can relate to that one.

Tonight I will endeavor to let hime sleep through, no promises mind you - misery loves company!!!!

Thanks for your suggestions and support, can't believe how difficult this journey has been compared with my sclc trip, silly me I assumed that it would be the other way round.

Thanks again


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Hope you can sleep tonight , Geri. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this. You are such a trooper, but sometimes enough is enough. At least you know that you can come here among cancer patients and caregivers knowing we understand and we care. Please keep us up to date. Just want you to know that I'm saying lots of prayers for you.

Love and Prayers,


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I hope you can get some sleep. Melatonin is good. Also a dr told me to use Benadryl every once in awhile to sleep.

Keep us posted on the path report.

Maybeyou gained weight b/c you could breathe and ate a few extra cookies? I swear I can gain 5lbs overnight depending what I eat.

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Hey Geri, sounds to me like you and I should become roommates for a while. :lol: I can totally understand your sleeping issues! :x:evil: Going through the same thing here! :shock::shock:

As for your mouth sores, that's Thrush! :x And yes they can give a mouth wash for it AND an antiboitic for it. I had it too this time around for other meds I was on. Not fun to have!!! I also had it when I did my chemo many moons ago. Ask them for the Antibotics and the mouth wash for it.

I can't do ambien anymore. I NEVER had problems with that drug before, but when I came home from the hospital this time around, I took an ambien pill to help me sleep. :shock::roll: Well, long story short, My hubby woke up to me totally in the nude, trying to get into the shower, had ALL my PILLS in the kitchen all over the counter, the phone was off the wall jack, and the worst part is, I don't remember a THING!!! :shock: He took me to the ER that night and they said it was the Ambien that did it to me. But he told them I NEVER had that problem before and they said, "She's on new meds right now and that will make a huge difference in how people react to meds." So, be very careful with ambien.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! The hell with the drugs, lets get drunk!! LOL LOL LOL !!!

Next Year when you and I are ALLLLLL BETTER we will for SURE Celelbrate your Birthday! Hope your feeling better real soon my friend. Hang on tight and know I'm here cheering you on.

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