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Gratitude - February 6th 2008


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Good morning all,

Bad weather again here,

where are those sunny

winter days we used to get

between storms?...just gone,

what we need the most is


Grateful I was accepted

after a long interview

by the following http://www.rosedesvents.com/index.php?m ... file=index

as a recidivist, services

start next week.

Have a good day and I

hope the weather is nice

where you are.


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Grateful for the spectacular display of birds visiting this morning. There must be dozens of cardinals and robins along with the various and sundry more mundane varieties. Even the bullies ~ the bluejays ~ are acceptable today. They all have flocked to the feeders and the pond and are filling the hollies. What a sight.

This winter has been a dull one here in SE PA ~ hardly any sun the whole season. Today is no different, BUT right now the temp is 63!!!!! and I am feeling the hint of spring! Grateful for it all.


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I am grateful for the wonderful woman that cleans my house. It is a horrible day here - we're having a major storm and I came home to a sparkling clean house with a nice note. She is like a member of our family and she does so much for us.

Jackie- the organization's website looks wonderful-- glad you were accepted.


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Grateful that my mom's scan results were good. Grateful, as always, for another day with mom. Grateful that our snowstorm is half over.

Grateful Jackie found support and that she posts here each day to remind us there is always something to be grateful for. Thanks, Jackie.

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