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losing my dad


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hi i'm new here. i lost my dad from lung cancer 4 months ago. he was diagnosed and passed away within 2 months.my dad was my life.a part of me died along with him.everyone said time heals but for me each day is a greater struggle. how do you cope with losing a parent.does it ever get easier.pls help

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Talia I can not speak on losing a parent but I can speak on losing a Loved one as you will see below. It gets mmore bearable I think eventually. Not in any set amount of time though. Somet hing I did when My wife passed away and it did help me some anyway was to talk to her.

Remember the one you love is right over your head. Just look up and there they are smiling down and protecting you always. If you want to talk to them go right ahead just look up and talk. Tell dad how mad you are for losing him. Tell him the car won't start and you ahd to get a Jump start. Tell him about the raise at work. Anyhting you want to just tell him.

Cry whenever the mood strikes you don't hold back. I used to break down driving or sometimes in the grocery store. Its OK it will pass. The crying that is..

Throw Eggs. This sounds nutty but I will explain. I know you are mad for losing him and the pain is consuming you and growing. LET IT OUT!! Throw eggs and scream. Aim for a tree or a wall and throw as hard as possible. You may just feel better.

Write. Pick a journal or start a blog or anything you want but write down all your Favorite Memories. As far back as you can rememeber. THe year you were 6 and went Fishing at the lake With him. Any thing at all just WRITE!!!!

Also some areas have Hospices that offer grief therapy this may help but I never tried it so....

I think I covered all my ideas! I also Pray and hope that something works and let us know how you are doing We are always around........ :)

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Taalia, I am so sorry.

Does IT get better...no, IT doesn't. But YOU get better, and YOU get stronger and YOU learn to cope.

I am now without my mother for the last 17 months. And I miss and love her just as much as ever...but I also am capable now of remembering her fondly, and laughing at how funny she was. And I can turn on a dime and cry for her not being here.

We'll be here. We understand. And we all wish you didn't have to experience this hurt.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad 17 weeks ago. The void in my life is simply enormous...I am sorry to hear that yet another person has to go through this.

My dad died six months after being diagnosed. I think I am still in shock...our lives changed so quickly. In just months, we lost the most precious part of our family.

I am finding though that there are moments when the pain is less intense....This board has been so helpful. Just know that you will have good days again.

I wish you peace. My thoughts are with you.



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I am sorry you had to find "us"... losing your Daddy is heartbreaking, this I know. My Dad passed away alittle over 3 years ago and I still think about him EVERY day... EVERY single day. The difference is that now when I think about him, I don't always cry... sometimes I smile when I remember what a wonderful person he was. The other day I was watching VCR movies I had taken over the years and there he was... BIG AS LIFE... and listening to his voice again, and listening to him tell some of his old jokes... well, i just burst out LAUGHING... not crying which was a big deal for me. It truly does not get any easier, you simply become stronger... some very wise person posted that quote here on the boards a long time ago and it truly has become my motto.

I will say a prayer for your strength. Love, Sharon

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