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Hello, old friends,


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I joined this board in Feb, 08, but am only now introducing myself. I am happy to see some familiar names among the recent introductions.

As a suburban Chicagoan, it makes sense to me to join a site belonging to a Chicago organization - one that my doctor works with.

The details of my diagnosis and treatments are below - I've been more or less stable on Tarceva for almost 2 years, but I don't know how much longer that will continue. My avatar says it all!


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A warm welcome to you, Susan. I'm so pleased you decided to jumpin and post. There are so many folks here who I find just so inspiring with their stories. They offer so much.......info, support, caring, and friendship.

Chicago is a great city. I was there only twice ~ once years ago, and again just last summer. We loved it.

So ~ glad to get to know you and surely hpe you decide to stick around. It will be great getting to 'know' you and join together in our journey.


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Welcome!!! I, too am Stage IV and holding on for 18 months now and feeling good. I love seeing stories like yours that prove to new people that statistics are not to be believed!!!

Hope you decide to stick around here - there are some really wonderful, caring folks here.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thank you all!

My thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I will try to reply individually, but I wanted to acknowledge your greetings right away. It's so nice of you to spend your valuable time monitoring the board, and greeting newcomers. And I too am glad that I have an encouraging story to tell, so far :wink:.

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Hello Susan,

I was sitting here this Friday morning, and catching up on some reading, and saw your introduction posting.

Glad you jumped in with both feet, Susan.

Wishing you much continued success, and a warm welcome from a "newbie" of sorts.

Wishing you all the best,

Barbara :)

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Hi Susan,

Its a little late but sincere. I want to welcome you here. You seem to be doing so well with your treatments. May it continue to work for you.

If you need questions, support or need to vent we are here.

Welcome to our family.

Maryanne :wink:

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