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New, spouse of NSCLC Stage IV patient


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First I want to thank all of you for giving me hope, something I needed badly! The first words we heard were so negative, prognosis and discussion of hospice, was so frightening. Now we are finally at the "doing something" stage and I am a bit overwhelmed with the literature concerning side-effects and fear of infection etc., My husband, the actual patient is so optomistic and prefers to not really know all the details, I am the one that wants answers to all questions thus I found this place. Tomorrow will be a long day, six hours of chemo seems like forever but I am so happy that we have a local facility that works with Mayo and Univ of Iowa, would be 90 minute drive to either and this way it is local. Just wanted to post and join, I think in the days ahead I am going to be leaning on this site heavily! Also a warning... am new to this forum/message board thing so apologize if did some of this wrong!


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Welcome Neighbor, Sorry to hear you have the need to join us, but I am glad we are here for you.

You'll get TON'S of support and HOPE right here. We have several LONG TERM Stage IV lung cancer Survivors here at LCSC. This disease can be treated and the patient can live somewhat of a normal life.

WE here at LCSC NEVER SAY NEVER! It's beatable and treatable.

As for doing something wrong, we're here to HELP, so don't worry about right or wrongs. We'll do our best to guide you and help you when you need it.

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Welcome Deb. Glad you found us. The first time I had chemo, it was just carbo and taxol and took almost 6 hours. I was surprised that the time went as fast as it did. I met some interesting people, did a little bit of reading, ate my bag lunch, drank lots of water, and slept a little. I was pretty scared until it all started and everything was fine. My chemo-cocktail included decadron and benydral. I found that I had lots of enery the next day and a half or so.

Good luck to both of you tomorrow. Be sure to check in with us tomorrow night to let us know how the day was.


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...chemo of carboplatin/taxol/avastin beginning 4/7

Hi, Deb, welcome to the group. That's the same chemo regimen I started with in October 2006. Some call it the "gold standard" first-line treatment for lung cancer. I had 6 cycles of that combo with good results over the next 4 months, then continued on Avastin alone for another 8 months. By the end of that period the cancer had started to grow again, but it was still smaller than it had been 12 months earlier, and I switched to Tarceva (the pill) in October 2007. Still on Tarceva, still stable.

Let us know how it goes with the infusion and then the side effects which will start after a couple of days. There are so many of us here who have had those same drugs that we can give you a good idea whether something is typical (and what to do about it) or unusual (and therefore calling the onc is advised). Post every day or two if you can, and let's get your husband off to a good start. Aloha,


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Welcome. So sorry you have the need to be here but this is the place to be when going through this journey.

I also started on Carbo/Taxol and the initial infusion was about 6 hours. My subsequent infusions were shortened each time - this is in cae you have a reaction to it.

Please let us know how dad does today - a big hug to both you and your dad. Your dad is lucky to have you by his side.

Patti B.

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Hello Deb, and welcome, but sorry for the reason.

Over three years ago, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer (after being delayed through non-diagnosis - 2 digital X rays and several tests - through a pulmonologist). But, the diagnosis was made after a our GP found it through a CT scan months later.

Bill received the carbo/taxol/radiation treatment/, a concurrent regimen. Once that was established, Deb, things went pretty smoothly. It does make a difference when a plan of action is established, and treatment is in place.

We quickly learned that spending hours at the Cancer Center can be very doable. I brought extra liquid for Bill to drink - hydration is crucial. It helps to flush the chemo out of the kidneys. The nutritionist and nurses kept stressing that.

Pretty soon, I brought a bag with some food (They did serve a lunch for Bill.) but he is a snacker, so .... I became a bag-lady.

He managed all of that for over 5 weeks (chemo part was once a week) and had no untoward side effects. However, we were told that if there was any nausea there were meds for that, and they gave us a prescription. It never occurred, but we wanted to be prepared.

There are so many here if you need. This was the first site I came to when first hit with the scary news. Feel free to "sing out."

Keep posting and let us know how it is going?


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Thanks to all of you for the welcome, we have about an hour this morning before we leave for chemo, not sure which of us is more nervous! The getting up at midnight to take "anti-allergy" pills and at 6AM went fine, now the waiting. I have packed my time-consuming goodies (books & stitching) and some snacks for Dave as well as a few magazines, he is not a reader but expect if given the chance he will sleep. I also have the pain meds for the day, his pain is under control now but was unbearable in his shoulder a few weeks back so do not want to get to that stage. I will try to check-in tonight or tomorrow, depending on how things go and will post in the caretaker part, right?


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