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Cancer Sucks


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The weather is beautiful, the birds sing me awake in the morning, and my children are hugging each other and living in peace (unusual, I know!) but deep inside is that ache; that ache I know so many of you know. It is the ache that cancer is out there. It is real, it is hurting people, and taking from them what they hold so dear. Urgh!!!!!

I just needed to vent.

This week I found out about 3 people who had/have cancer...

19 year old student who found it in his ankle.

16 year old girl who had a melanoma on her back

64 year old mom of daycare who has recurring cancer

Like I said, cancer sucks.

Sorry for being negative but I needed to vent.


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Yes, it does! There is no denying it. It seems that just when I feel like my life is getting back to normal (or a new normal) I hear about another story of someone with this dreaded disease. My heart breaks all over again for them. There is just too much of it out there. Way too much. It is devastating to think of it. I hear you.

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Oh, Jen, you are so right!!! Cancer sucks, I hate, hate it, hate it!!! There are days I look into my sons eyes and my heart just breaks for him. I just don't want this for his childhood!!!

I hear you, I get it!!!

Hugs to you - Patti B.

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Jen ... I so hear you! We are now in the waiting mode to find out if my dear sweet MIL has cancer (highly likely). It seems a week can't go by without someone else I love or care about is diagnosed with some form of this horrible disease. I pray all the time that the day will come that this will be a thing of the past - until then I just let the tears flow. Hugs from me to you - I really understand.


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My nephew's son was very young when he was diagnosed with Infantile Leukemia. He was the only one in the family afflicted with a cancer at that time. We all lived it and prayed through it for him and he has survived and is now healthy and approaching his near pre-teen period.

When he found out my cancer had recurred he sent me an email that simply read:

"Uncle John,

Cancer Sucks.

Get well soon.

Love Brandon."

Nearly broke my heart.


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Yes, Jen, it does suck and then some.

My hope is that the researchers have not stopped delving/studying and are doing "their" homework.

We, in the meanwhile, stay the course, and try to keep that lurking nemesis :twisted: in its place.

Venting can be good for the soul. It releases pent-up emotion. It's not a bad thing at all. For me, there's always the good cry, or the outcry :) .


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Another good site for t-shirts and stuff is cafepress.com. I have a t-shirt from there that says DON'T SCREW WITH ME, I'M FIGHTING CANCER. They have over 28,000 t-shirts for cancer altho many of them are for breast cancer, but they also have ones for lung, prostate, kidney, liver cancer. My first onc left before I could get him the one that says MY ONCOLOGIST IS MY HOMEBOY. He was such a funny guy I thought he would have liked that!! Have to warn you - they have a bunch of x-rated ones, too.

Check it out and let me know!!!

Patti B.

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