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Introducing myself


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Hi everyone,

I have been "lurking" for a while now and have decided it is time to introduce myself and tell my story.

My name is Sharon and I was diagnosed with nsclc, stage IIIb, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma a few months ago. It started with a "pain in my neck" and in a matter of about three weeks turned my life upside down!

I was told that this stage of cancer is inoperable and incurable and the best I could hope for was a long term remission. My doctor proposed a treatment plan that included daily radiation concurrent with weekly chemo (carbo/taxol) followed by two rounds of three-week chemo doses. I went to two other doctors (including the Karmanos Institute in Detroit) for second opinions and they concurred with this plan.

So I started both treatments on April 24. I received my last weekly dose of chemo on June 24 and my last radiation treatment on June 27th. Other than some skin burns from radiation and the usual fatigue, I didn't have any significant side effects - no nausea or vomiting and I didn't lose my hair!

After a 4 week reprieve (during which I went on a much needed vacation!), I received my first three week dose of chemo on July 28th. I experienced some minor side effects such as fatigue, achy joints, funny taste in mouth, minor tingling in fingers and toes, but no nausea and so far, I still have my hair!

My second and final dose is scheduled for August 18th. Two weeks later I will have a CT scan to see if the treatments are working.

So that's my story.

Finally, I would like to say thanks so much to everyone that posts on this site. I am the type of person who needs to understand what is happening to me. I have spent countless hours on the internet trying to do research and have come to the conclusion that there are very few reliable sites out there. This is definately the best site I found.

I am so grateful that I found this support group. I believe that I can handle anything if I understand what is going on and I know what to expect. This site provides the information and encouragement I need to keep my spirits up and to continue fighting this dreadful disease.

Thanks to all of you!!


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Hi Sharon-

Welcome to the site. Sorry you need to be here but you will find lots of helpful people here who really care about each other.

We will be here for you to help you through your journey.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, Sharon, welcome to the LCSC!

May I also suggest you visit cancergrace.org (the previous onctalk.com has been folded into GRACE, Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education). There's a wealth of information there, especially on lung cancer, constantly updated by a Seattle oncologist who is an internationally-recognized expert on lung cancer and who gives high priority to promptly answering questions from people like you and me. A lot of us have "dual citizenship" so to speak, and have the same usernames there as here.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi and welcome. I started my treatment with daily radiation and chemo When I had surgery they told me it was dead and all scar tissue. Hope this happens for you also. Keep us posted. By the way, sounds like a superior sulicus tumor or Pancoast. Several of us here have had a tumor there. Click and Read my story below.

Donna G

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Hello Sharon and welcome

As you can see from the replies you have already received, there are many wonderful and caring people here who will be more than happy to help you. Feel free to ask any and all questions and we will do our best to answer them and offer advice and support.

Read through the different forums, especially the good news and survivors forums. They are full of great examples of how many of our members have dealt with their illness.

Above all else, just know we are here whenever you need someone to talk to...



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Dear Sharon,

It would have been a much more difficult journey for Bill and me if we had not had vital input from others, and especially in those early days of treatments/regimens.

This site is amazing. There are so many warm, generous, and caring people who have given information, or support over time. It certainly has helped me to ease the stress.

Please keep with us to let us know how you are doing?

Wishing you the best,


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Hi everyone,

I have been "lurking" for a while now and have decided it is time to introduce myself and tell my story.


I'll start by saying the vacation was a smart idea. I think you will do well!

Myself, I also need to know what's going on. I hope you have a doctor who can talk about medicine.

It helped me to do some background reading. I had studied biology, but didn't know much about cancer. The biology from college was out of date just 25 years after I graduated. It was actually fun to read all the new stuff that had been discovered since I went to school. There is a good, short, 1988 paperback called "One Renegade Cell" by Weinberg, which was the first book I read. The same author recently compiled "The Biology of Cancer" (2006), a big and impressive work, got rave reviews, and requires some biology or chemistry background.

Your reading may take you in a different direction, depending on your background and interests.

I wish you many more happy vacations, and good health.

David in Chicago

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