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I never go without......


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Through all of this there are some "little" things I learned:

#1 - Live each day

#2 - Help who ever I can

#3 - Express my love

#4 - NEVER, NEVER, EVER go to an appointment without all you wonderful people praying for me!

Got one this Friday..............no scans, which scares the heck out of me - I'll probably push to at least get a CT.

Hugs and prayers for all of YOU, always!


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Every night, as I go to bed, I pray for all the members of LCSC. Everyone here is very special to me. It seems that when I have needed support, you people have been here for me. Prayer and our spiritual well being is no important to be a complete person. I pray that this clinical trial, I am just starting in, will, eventually lead to another reliable drug for lung cancer.

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