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OK now I'M scared


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Welcome! You can start by telling us about yourself... and then we can offer our own experiences. You may want to just sit back and read the posts and see if you can find some useful information in those posts. There are lots of wonderful, and knowledgeable people here that can help you.

Good luck to you


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I was scared, too, when I realized that I had some symptoms that COULD be related to lung cancer. If you have cancer, the sooner it is diagnosed, the better the outcome will be. If it spreads to other parts of your body - and cancer does that - you might not be a candidate for surgery. The "experts" say that surgery offers the most favorable outcome.

Where to start? See a doctor IMMEDIATELY - like tomorrow. If you don't have lung cancer your stress level will be lowered alot. If you do, as I've already said, the sooner it's diagnosed, the better.

Your doctor will probably order a chest XRay. If the XRay is "iffy" then you'll move on to having a CT scan and maybe a PET scan. These things are painless. If the scans are suspicious for cancer, you're doctor may order a fine needle aspiration to determine what kind of cancer (small cell or non-small cell). It's important to know that because the treatments differ somewhat. I can't tell you much about that, as I skipped that step and went right on to surgery. You might post a question asking survivors about their experiences with FNA. (By survivors, I mean lung cancer survivors not FNA survivors.)

This is all quite doable. Not fun, but you can do it. I've had thoracic surgery twice and consider knee replacement surgery to be much more unpleasant. You'll find lots of support in this group and feel free to ask lots of questions. There are no dumb questions. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.


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I am 64 and have smoked for about 4 years, before that I stopped for 12 years and before that smoked from about 16 years old. Had a heart attack in 92, cleared it with angioplasty, I have a stressful job, I guess that explains the smoking and the heart attack.

I'm not a real lucky guy, don't ever play the lottery so with my luck I always expect the worst.

I know that You guys don't recommended doctors or hospitals I live in philadelphia and We are fortunate to have many choices but I want to get this right the first time.

Let Me say that the stories that I've read are incredible, the courage that is displayed here on a daily basis, and the compassion You share, well I hope that I can mearsure up.

I'll try to call for an appointment on Mon. and of course I'll keep You informed.

I am not a real eloquent Guy so please excuse Me.


Thanks everyone for Your reply's. Stopped smoking and I will get that X Ray.

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Hi, welcome to the group!

Don't sell yourself short. What you call "courage" is, I think, just basic human resourcefulness and spunk which comes bubbling to the surface when one is thrust into a situation from which there is no immediate escape. You have plenty of it too, I guarantee.

I do agree that the compassion shared here is exceptional, superior to any other group I've known. We know this is the "real deal," and we connect on a fundamental level which bypasses nationality, social status, lifestyle, politics, and practically any other difference one can name. Best wishes and Aloha,


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especially for the first round of getting the chest x ray/CT, don't get too hung up on where you get, just get it. Get this looked at now, and hopefully you have "good luck" reserves built up from past, above mentioned "bad luck." Spitting up a little blood doesn't guarantee lung cancer by any stretch, but it is a red flag that must be investigated.

Get this taken care of. Report back. We even want to know when your appointment is scheduled!

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Sorry I missed this a few days ago, Bud. Welcome to a wonderful group of folks who can be of tremendous support to you. I see you are from Philly. We have q great bunch of folks from the 'area' who actually get together avery 3 months for lunch in King of Prussia. It would be great to have you join us. Some of us aren't real eloquent either, but we just like to be together, ya know? Next time will be early December.

Anyhow, hope you hang around so we can get to 'know' you, Bud. Welcome.


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Hi Bud and welcome!!

I agree with everything that has been already said - get your butt to the doctors ASAP!!!! This could be something other than cancer, which I know would be a great relief to you. If it IS unfortunately cancer, the sooner you start treatment, the better.

Keep us posted and we are all rooting for you!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Welcome Bud from another Bud. I'll just echo what others have said and advise you to get checked out fast. If you then research and aren't sure if you agree with your doctor's assessment, you can always get second and third opinions, but get those first tests done quickly; putting it off could make a big difference.

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