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Friends have been missing

Connie B

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Okay Kids, I have noticed that we have MANY MANY MANY of our WONDERFUL FRIENDS Missing in Action here at LCSC.

The friends that are missing our all LC Survivors who USE to post on this board pretty often.

Here are some of our friends who I noticed are missing and haven't posted in sometime now.

Jan (User Name: jang)

MaryAnn (User Name: mhutch1366)

Alisa (User Name: Alisa)

Lilly ( User Name: Ursol)

Renate (User Name: ....)

Ralph ( Use Name rvillella)

Barb (blaze100....)

Rich (User Name dadstimeon)

Dazy (User name Dazy)

Trish (User Name: trish2418)

NancyB (User Name; NancyB)

Pam (User Name Nonni)

Joanie ( User Name daggiesmon)

Mary ( User Name: myrnalu)

Bucky ( User name alexan)

close to edge

John (User Name: twodogs)

Max (User Name; Max)


Now mind you, I know some of you may even be a part of the Chat Group, but not all of us go to the Chat room. So we would LOVE to hear from all our friends who are missing in Action.

I have some of the phone numbers to members, and if we don't hear from those that haven't posted in a while, I am going to start making Phone calls next week.

If any of you think of others that I am missing, (I'm sorry if I missed some of our wonderful friends) PLEASE post those missing names here. If any of you know how someone may or may not be doing, PLEASE post what you may know here.

THANK YOU ALL for your love and support.


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Connie as a chat Expert I can safely say none of those mebers are chat regulars!! :wink: I did get a strange thank you from Bucky last week!!! :wink: Just a note and would much like to hear updates Thanks Connie!!! (((())))

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I. too, wonder when we don't see some of our familiar names around. Thanks for bringing this up. I did see Alisa posted that she is part of the NYC Walk. She posted in 2 forums. And I saw NancyB answer someone just the other day. But other than that ~ nothing. I'm going to give it some more thought and see who else comes to mind. I know there are many moe!


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Hi Connie and my dear friends

Sorry I haven't been on line lately....my pc took a sabatical :-)....it's been in the shop being completed restored....Anyway ..I'm back now and thanks for thinking about me Connie...

I just got my pc back today and see where I am right away.:-)...I was going to post today in 'good news' cause this past Sunday marked FOUR YEARS NED....Praise God...I'll post there anyway...

Everything here is OK cept for regular aches and pains...Not complaining by no means...I hope everyone is doing well or at least doing better....I think of you guys all the time...Hopefully the other members will check in also....

lots of love...and God Bless each and everyone of us......nonni

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HAPPY (4) Years Pam!!!!!!


We haven't chatted on the phone for a while and I know we're WAY over due, but it sure is great to see your doing so good and that you hit the 4 year mark! Way to Go Girlfriend!!

Thanks for checking in Pam. We sure have a LOT of our wonderful friends here missing and I hope and pray they will take a minute or two and check in with all of us. I'm very happy they are all living life to the fullest but we do tend to worry about them when they disappear.

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Hey Rich,

It's good to see you and to hear from you, but I'm sure sorry to hear your having other health issues. I can totally relate what it's like to have other ishy health issues too! :roll: BUMMER!! But, we tend to find the strength to move on. Guess we're stronger then we thought we were! :wink:

I'm sending you Get Well Wishes my friend. Sorry your under the weather, but I'm glad it's not cancer! :roll::wink: Prayers that you'll be feeling better soon coming you way!

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Hi Connie, Oct 2 will be my 8 year anniversary since surgery.

I go see my pulmonary doc this afternoon to review PET/CT results. He is moving back to Seattle area, so will be hard to say goodbye after 8 years and three broncoscopies! Just when I was getting used to how he does them. :D But I'm sure he has replacement lined up from his practice here.

I am worried though...my PET radiology reports are often doom and gloom. I rely on him to read my PETs and tell me what to do. I trust his opinion. Without him I'm really going to panic when I get bad report.

Oh my gosh, I'm probably going to cry today. Has anyone else suffered separation anxiety when a doc leaves?


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I have been e-mailing with Renate (from Atlanta). She has not been doing very well - had to have some kind of surgery on her carotid artery which did not go well. I will try to get in touch with her (she didn't answer my last message) via phone and keep you updated.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Okay, I've been lurking and reading but haven't posted. I've been waiting to get my knuckles rapped for not checking in, so here I am letting you know that I'm getting there in the heart dept - still fighting for breath and energy but at this very moment I'm enjoying a vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC.

We are here in our 5th wheel travel trailer, right on the beach and feeling very liberated. We met with Kasey and Fred on our way down here and had a lovely day catching up with them.

Next weekend it's time to go home and get my job done for the Boston Walk..........any volunteers out there who aren't busy on Nov 1????

Anyway, I'm fast approaching my SEVENTH aniversary from sclc dx, November 2001 seems a lifetime ago and I'm looking forward to celebrating my long term survival from breast cancer too.

Having written a small novel I am signing off.........it's time for a walk on the beach!

I'll check in more often in future, thanks for missing me.


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Hey Barb, Yep, I too cried a river when I had to get a new PCP. OH that's AWEFUL!! But, you'll be fine!!!!! Let us know how the PET goes, will you???

Very good to see you posting. Glad all is going well for you for the most part, and HOLY COWS, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY EIGHT YEARS!!!


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Okay Geri, Now I am JEALOUS! Walk on the beach, seeing Kasey & Fred.......... so the truth is, you've been out and about and ENJOYING LIFE? Is that what your saying???? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:wink:


WOW, 7 years are just around the corner. Another AWESOME!

I'm very happy you took a minute and checked in with us. So, my hubby and I are heading out this winter going south in our travel trailer. Maybe we'll have to check out Myrtal Beach either going down or coming home.

Have a nice time on vacation and we'll celebrate your 7 years when you get back. We'll throw in a extra party for the breast cancer too. :wink:

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Thanks for checking on me. I have not been on the boards much lately because I have had a lot of pain recently and when I get home from work, I cook dinner and then go on up to bed. The doctors continue to try and figure out the cause of my pain and giving me different pain meds which some don't work others make me too sick. It is nuts. Anyhow...again thanks for asking.


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Hi my friend!!!!!! I am here betwen duke & wesley my social life is visiting docs...quimo & radiation. My house still full & I am more than bussy, but pretty happy. I was missing you all g uys but never get the time to dit in the comu & when I do it I ont have internet. I will start writing again, I miss you all a lot.

xoxo bucky

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