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Bone Scan


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When I was visiting with the pain doc last week he was very perplexed as to why I had not yet had a bone scan. I have spine mets. So he has scheduled me for one on Thursday. I didn't think I was going to have any tests for awhile so of course am a little nervous about this.

What will a bone scan tell me? It is the kind where they inject you with some stuff and then you go away for 3 hours before returning for the scan.

Your positive thoughts and prayers as always are appreciated.



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Yep, that's the one, Sandra. I had one and so did my hubby. It's an easy one to do and for us nothing showed up. Not sure what shows up ~ maybe weak spots or areas of concern? Not sure. But I'm wishing you good luck with it. Guess we can expect the results some time next week. I'll be keeping plenty of things crossed for a good report.


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The bone scan will show exactly where your mets are (were) and how many you have (had). If the radiation has taken care of them it will show that, it there are new ones, they will show up. I don't want to alarm you, just let you know what the scan will be looking for. It was a bone scan that found that Mom's mets had spread in May when the CT scan showed stable disease. While the news was devestating at the time, I'm sure glad we found out and got those babies zapped before they went any further.

If your pain is coming from mets, you might ask about Quadramet. Mom has gotten a great deal of relief from her pain after this treatment. It never hurts to ask--right?

I will be praying that the scan shows all the mets are dead and that your pain is coming from arthritis!


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Sandra, sending much positive energy your way and wishes for no news good news with your scan.

The way I look at scans is, however nerve-wracking they are, they do offer an opportunity to set our mind at ease if we're already worrying about something. If it's not good news, it offers an opportunity to fix it. Guess that's the incorrigible optomist's perspective.

Good luck girlfriend. We're all rooting for you.

Judy in Orlando

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Well I am giving updates today and people have been asking me about the results of my bone scan so here goes. I haven't posted them because I am very confused and unclear about what they were or what I should be doing about them.

A med onc phones me on Mon night. Not my doc (she is away) and first asks me why this was ordered? And I am duh...aren't bone scans ordered to check for cancer!! And we talk some more and then it dawns on him a bit into the conversation that I am actually the patient and NOT my husband...duh!?! Got to just love talking to people who don't have a clue about you or your medical history. So I finally said well are you going to tell me the results of the scan or not?? He told me there was "increased uptake" and said I should call the radiation oncologist. So I was devastated and phoned rad onc office the next day. I have yet to hear back...GRRRR.

In the meantime, I went to pick up a copy of the report myself. Well the first thing I notice is that it is being compared to like my first ever CT scan in August 2007!!! Like when I didn't have any spine mets!!! So of course there is increased uptake since then...I didn't have any spine mets then!!! Man of man! So the bottom line is I am really none the wiser at this point in time and worried myself sick for I don't know what. I am scheduled for a PET scan in a few weeks time so hopefully all will be clear after that.

I am not enamoured with a few of the so called medical professionals I have dealt with lately...to say the very least. I can't wait until my med onc is back from vacation. She doesn't tick me off!

That's the non-update


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Jeez Sandra, this is getting freaky with people getting mixed up with the wrong scans or scans being compared to wrong year's scan. I never followed through on member's advice to get copies of all my scans. My don't want to bother people thing. Now I really wish I had.

We'll wait with you for your PET.

Judy in Key West

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