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A celebration of sorts.


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Seven years ago today I sat with my husband and tried to eat Thanksgiving dinner that a friend had graciously given us.

I had come home from the hospital the night before with my cancer dx and a good supply of oxycontin and hydrocodone. Thanksgiving was less than stellar that year, our daughter was still in Texas and hadn't heard the final verdict yet. That dreaded phone call had yet to be made.

We worried for naught - she stepped up to the plate and has been my loudest cheering section since. She's put her life on hold several times so that I could be cared for when her father had to go in a different direction than home.

All that was then, fast forward seven years and here we are - Richard and I having Thanksgiving dinner without the drugs and lung cancer. I cooked dinner, Richard cleaned up the kitchen, true domestic bliss :lol: Our daughter and her husband are in St Thomas for a week, their last holiday before their baby - yes our grandson - arrives in March.

Did I think that all this was possible seven years ago, I don't think I gave it a thought - lung cancer was front and center. Those seven years have been filled to capacity, Karen met and married the man of her dreams,we moved again, I've had a few health problems which are being overcome, I've met some true friends on this board and with their hard work raised money for lc research, but best of all I'll soon meet my first grandchild and hopefully any more that come along.

So. unless the beer truck comes careening around the corner I have every intention of staying on the green side of the sod for a good few years yet.......who else is going to supervise Richard now that he's retired :wink::lol: there's a lot of honey do's to be done around here!

So take heart, there can be life after cancer - someone has to survive and who says it can't be you.

Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for listening.


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Happy Thanksgiving Geri and congratulations on all the good things that have happened in the past 7 years.

Four years ago today, we couldn't really eat T'giving dinner either. I was scheduled for my second surgery the next morning. That can kinda kill appetites, too.


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...someone has to survive and who says it can't be you...

That's right, Geri — like they say, somebody's gotta do it!

I really enjoyed your post. Made a nice end to a nice day. And it reminded me that today's was the first Thanksgiving dinner since 2005 that I've actually been able to taste!

Much Aloha,


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Congrats, Geri. I hope it was a wonderful Thanksgiving for you. Your post reminded me of our Christmas last year. I had my surgery on December 20th, and was released from the hospital on the afternoon of Christmas Day. Everyone had waited for the gift opening until I got home. I was pretty puny (40 staples in my side, and I couldn't even put on my socks by myself), but I was home with my family, and it was a wonderful family gathering.

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Hey Geri....

I truly enjoyed your post sooo much...so well written....I'm kinda late '-) answering this post...but so happy you had a wonderful TG....First and formost....congrat's on your 7 years...that is the best part and for all the other's...you certainly deserve the good life that you have right now and for many many more years to come...Congrat's to your daughter too...waiting for the 'little bundle' to make the most blessed arrival...

Take care and keep up the good work


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