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ice storm


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I just wanted to check in and let you all know what's happening here. I am in berkshire county of Massachusetts and we are in one of the hardest hit areas from the ice storm.

I have no power and no phones and am relying on my blackberry to keep I. Touch with the outside world. We have an estimate of a week to 10 days before our power may be restored but that is only a guess.

My sons national guard unit was activated by the state and he is out in central Massachusetts providing clean up and relief efforts there.

I have never seen devastation like this before. It is worse than a tornado as it continues on and on with trees and power lines continuing to fall under the weight or an inch plus of ice accumulation.

I wil check in when I can and please l know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.



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Holy Cow, Christine! I had no idea things were that bad up there. How far are you from the Boston area? Is all of MA in bad shape? I think I'll check out the weather channel when I get off here. Boy, I sure hope you get back in business before 10 days. That's just about Christmas day ~ almost. Not even an inkling of anything like that here in PA. Keep us in the loop.


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Hi Chris. Thanks for letting us know. Please stay safe and warm for sure. I remember a very bad ice storm in Canada a number of years back and it did take a very long time to get everything back up and running. You worry about so many people, including the sick and the elderly. So look after yourself and I will send prayers your way. Hopefully recovery efforts will be speedy.


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My family is in Massachusetts. I called my brother yesterday to see what was going on. He lives close enough to the Patriots stadium ( south of Boston) to hear the cheering when it is going on.

He said it was western Mass that was hit, he was fine. Out near Worcester etc are having a hard time.

Donna G

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Hi, I'm in Middlesex County about 30 miles from Boston and 30 miles from Worcester and all we had was rain.

We lost power early Friday morning but it was restored by dinner time. While we were drenched in heavy rain, 500 yards to the west the ice was bringing down trees and power lines. It was as if someone had drawn a line across the road - go figure!

Life in this piece of the state is pretty much back to normal, just the clean up left to do.

Here's hoping that the western part of the state gets back to normal soon too. Thinking of you Christine.


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