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Col's Update


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Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that Col's most recent scans came back as still stable, so we just keep on keeping on...We'll take it time and time again.

Interesting side note, and maybe someone else has been thru it. The Onco Dr. said thtat there is no REAL safety data for Zometa(used for bone mets) after 25 infusions, and that by the time the next set of scans roll around, the Dr. will have to decide do we continue the monthly Zometa or not.

Col wasn't rea'l sure how she felt about it...I said, well, there's two things, one, there's probably a reason that there isn't safety data after 25 months, and it's not a good reason, so you beat those odds again. And two, you can stop it and see what happens and go back again if necessary, or YOU can be the next safety study...lol.. So we'll have to wait and see what the onco thinks at the next scans and go from there.

Thanks for all your support...

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Hi JB. That is great news about Col. I am praying that it continues. I have spine mets as well and have been on Zometa. My back pain just keeps getting worse so I am really on the fence as to whether it is helping at all and am going to discuss with my doc next visit about the point in continuing. Hope you are celebrating your good news.


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CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS on the great news - Stable is wonderful!!!

Some docs are really weird about Zometa - I was on it for a while and he would only give it to me every other chemo and told me that its not really a chemo, only a bone strengthener. I think one of the reasons they are very cautious about it is because it can cause real bad problems should you need a tooth extraction. My dentist needed to pull one of my teeth (OUCH) and told me all the things that can go wrong. Thankfully, none of those happened but she insisted on seeing me constantly for several months after the extraction.

I think we should all meet at the pub to celebrate Cols, good news - I will be buying!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thank you all for your responses...

Patti, if I think back to when we first asked about the bone mets, the onco was kind of like yeah, we can give you something to help strengthen the bones. That's kind of how it happened. Perhaps it's that it doesn't really fight the cancer, just strengthens the bones to better deal???? I don't know, but I get what you're saying about the docs being wishy washy about it.

Ginny D.....That's a hell of an idea...I'll check with Col an'd hopefully see what Dr. West thinks....

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Stable, stable, stable.......oh, what music to my ears!!!!

May you hear that pleasnat melody for years and years and years.

I was feeling rather poetic today, guy, and you sorta have to 'hear' the melody I was singing in my head! Just now caught up with this thread. You know the Pub has been open for quite some time now celebrating and just visiting with friends. Glad you'll be joining us! Shirley Temple for Jack.......OR, JB, would it be a ROOT beer instead!!!!!

See you guys in March!


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You made our day... give our best to Colleen.

We are so thrilled to hear this GREAT news JB!

Maryanne & Joel

It's funny Joel was just asking if I heard any news. :D

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Re Zometa, I just recently read somewhere -- I think maybe grace.org but not sure -- that Zometa seems just as effective every three months as every month and with fewer side effects (like necrosis of the jaw, ugh). I was just going to ask my onc about that when I see her next week since Zometa is my only 'treatment'. FWIW, she seemed quite insistent about my taking it, not to stop the cancer but to avoid fractures in the bones already weakened by bone mets, present and future.


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