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Getting to Know You - Tuesday, January 27


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I like all kinds of cake, but I love cherry pie. Given a choice, I'll probably choose that. Don't like ala mode anything, unless it's brownie pie with extra hot fudge. Ice cream, heavenly hash. Mushed up until it's like soft serve.

Honestly, I haven't met many desserts I don't like. It's a wonder I don't weigh a thousand pounds! 8)

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Bring my gramma back from the other side and let her whip up a raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream on top. There are some good frozen ones out there, but nothing beats having Gramma make one special just for me...

She used to can jams/jellies and bake excellent pies. We figured out the Alzheimer's thing when she missed the sugar in the raspberry pies (puckered so hard, my eyeballs sucked into my throat!) and poured the liquid parafin down the sink. Yep, there was a pretty good clue...

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Definitely pie, my homemade apple pie warm with french vanilla ice cream, but I also never met a dessert I didn't like. And Becky, raspberries are my favorite fruit, but I never had a raspberry pie. I wish I could try your Grandma's because nobody makes apple pie like I do either LOL.

Judy in Key West

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