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Most of you don't remember me, but I'm dropping in to say hello anyway. I got some PMs from some of you this morning, and it was so good to hear from you.

Things are going ok for me, one day at a time. I am doing so much better dealing with grief, but I still have my moments. There are some things I just can't say or do without tears. I can freely and easily talk about Don, funny things he said or did, etc., but I still can't talk about him being gone without choking up.

Since I had the stroke on Dec. 21, 2007, my life has changed in many ways, but for the most part, I'm doing great! I'm about 80% back with everything. It affected my right side. I'm still partially handicapped, but am working, walking and doing almost everything I did before. I can't walk long distances without my walker, but 99% of the time I walk without assistance. I hire someone to do the things I can't do, but I give it the old college try before I call for help. I drive and got my typing back just fine. I have a little trouble writing, but do a pretty good job if I go slow. I can't lift a full coffee pot without it shaking violently, though. I'm going to ask the neurologist about that on my next appointment.

My son is not well. He is still an active alcoholic and has many, many health issues - physical and mental. It's so sad for someone so young. He will be 32 next month. I joined Al-Anon in January and oh my, it has helped ME so much. They teach you that you didn't cause it, can't cure it and can't control it. You learn to put the focus on yourself and what you CAN change. I've learned so much and am beginning to feel happy again.

For those of you just beginning the grieving process, I am so sorry. There is just no way to get through it other than to let yourself feel it. There are no magic words or miraculous moments, it just has to take its very painful time.

Sending you all my love,


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Peggy girl!!!! There are many here who remember you, I'm sure! It's great to 'see' you again. I'm glad to hear you're coming along with the grief process AND you health too. Ya know, some days I STILL look out my window to be sure Don didn'te ride that mororcycle all the way to PA!!!!

Wish to see you more, but do understand why we don't. Many of us would love to move away from here, but need to be here for all the support and friendship offered. I think of you and remember always that you were my 'first' friend on this site - so caring and helpful. Take care and behave yourself! Until we 'see' you again!



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BIG hugs to you my friend. I feel so ashamed for not writing you. When I say you have been in my thoughts quite often, I mean that. How can I forget someone who was always there doing her best to hold the rest of us up, while going through so much yourself. I remember always looking for the "stand for hope" posts and I have always loved that screen name. I won't ever forget the Don you helped us to know and of course I will never forget you.

I'm glad you are progressing well with your recovery from your stroke and that you are coping with your grief better. I'm however so sorry to hear that your son is still an active alcoholic and not doing well.

Thanks for checking in, Peggy. Know that you always have a home here and I still have the same email address as before. Would love to hear from you .



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Hello, dear friend.

I am remiss in keeping up.

I did not know you had a stroke.

Bless your heart.

I always have you and Don in thought...............

there were those of us whose timeline crossed and we are friends forever.

Many hugs and so much love


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Holy cow, Peggy, not only are you a blast from the past, but you pulled Pat out of the woodwork, too!

Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow, Peggy. It's supposed to be a rather crappy weather weekend, so I'll probably be cooped up inside with the heat set to "hell" since I'm so cold all the time.

Take care, Peg, and howdy, Pat!

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So good to see you here. Sue said everything that I would have said. You have been missed. Sorry your son isn't doing any better. I was hoping and praying that he woudl get better.

Good to see you too Pat. We were all in this together. So glad Katie and Rick started this site when they did.

Wish would could truly have a reunion someday where we could all meet in person. Too many challenges--health, distance, etc. Maybe video conferencing will allow us to get together one of these days. Take care all.

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Like others, I was thrilled to see Peggy's post. I sat down and wrote her a long "catch-up" PM and got a really nice response. I was also glad to hear from Pat. There are so many of us that are truly tied together with "heartstrings" and that bond will last forever!!!

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Just chiming in here with everyone else! My shame in not keeping in better contact is much worse as I live only a few hours away Peggy! The good news is that my oldest son is moving to Indy for school in the fall so that will give me plenty of opportunities to get in touch with you and meet up with you for some coffee or lunch on one of the trips out to check in on Jeff! It was so good to hear from you, though I do wish the situation with your son was better. I'm glad you are involved with Al-Anon, I have heard many wonderful things about them. I hope you continue to improve on the health front and we will get together soon!

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Hi Peggy,

When I saw "Sand for Hope" it was such a PLEASURE to hear from you and certainly a wonderful surprise. :D Looks like all your old friends are coming out of the woodwork here. Yes, as you see there still are some of us oldies (but goodies) still around.

I am thrilled about your progress and give you a big hug and :mrgreen: for that.

Sorry to hear about your son but certainly glad you are doing something about it. This is good for you and I pray someday you boy will do something about addition.

Meanwhile, you keep doing what you're doing as it seems to be working for you. You know we are ALWAYS here for you. Thank you so much for checking in and letting us know how you are coming along.

Take care my friend and rememeber you hold such a special place in our hearts and always will. You helped us through so many difficult times when you were going through your own with your Don.

Maryanne :wink:

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Peggy thank you so much for the update. I smiled when I saw your name on a post!

You are such a trooper! I am sorry to read that Mike is still having issues :( I think of you often, especially when I hear our song "Don't Worry Be Happy".

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