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And now for something completely different...

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... at least for those who haven't seen recumbent bicycles. The first photo is me on my Performer Roadster, racing in The Texas Time Trials last fall (9 months after my lobectomy). The second photo is me on my Bacchetta Corsa, which is my long distance bike, in July, 2007 (5 months before surgery).



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Bud I look at these pictures and Go WOW!!!!! Are ya sure the doctors were right???? You look inspirational!!

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Randys right on with that one, Bud!!!!

Hey - I think I could ride one of those bikes!!! My husband bought me a bike many years ago but all I could do was left hand turns, not right hand turns. Don't know why!!! Finally he had to forbid to cross the street with it!!! In all fairness to me, I had told him to buy me a bike with coaster brakes since thats what I grew up with but he bought me some fancy thing with all kinds of gears and hand brakes!!!! It was pretty pitiful!!!!!

You look downright awesome, Bud!!! Keepup the good work. If you know anyone who needs a pink bike, let me know!!! :D:D

Hugs - Patti B.

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Wow Bud, great pics. You look awesome. Makes me want to do double duty on my Total Gym. Patti, you are correct about the bikes with coaster brakes. I have one but could never get the knack of those new fangled hand brakes and gears. I tried them when my kids were teenagers. No go!

Judy in Key West

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That looks like a blast Bud, I'd prolly hurt myself bad. Did your neck hurt when you first started riding? Mine does if I recline at all when I'm driving so i was thinking I'd need a head rest. Course I'd prolly just fall off and not have to worry about my neck getting sore.

Keep on Bud, that is inspirational.


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I'm always fascinated by recumbents, and how the folks riding them can FLY. Cool pictures, thanks for sharing. And yes, very inspirational!

And isn't riding a bike, well, just like riding a bike. ;) ha ha ha

To those of you who think they were confusing years ago, trust me, they are different again, so maybe even more confusing? I couldn't change gears on my road bike for the life of me when I got it 2 summers ago. Now I can't imagine any other set up.

Fixed gear and coaster brakes, bikes designed as "comfort bikes", are all the rage these days! And painted real pretty too. :)

This reminds me that I plan to go by another bike this week. Starting a bit of a collection!

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Did your neck hurt when you first started riding? Mine does if I recline at all when I'm driving so i was thinking I'd need a head rest.

I don't use a headrest, but many people who ride bikes with that kind of recline do. I actually did try headrests on those two bikes last year.

After my surgery, I developed asthma, especially exercise-induced asthma when I ride. I had much less of a problem with it on the two bikes I ride that have a less reclined riding position (the Stratus XP in my avatar and an EZ Tandem), and since restricted airways are a known cause of exercise-induced asthma, I thought that the extra bend of my neck on the more reclined bikes might be constricting something and making it worse, and that reclining my head more onto a headrest to make my neck straighter might help.

The headrests didn't help though, so I don't use them these days. I still don't know what brought on the asthma. Perhaps it is just scarring from the surgery.

I have had my neck bother me a little, toward the end of rides of 190 miles or more though, so if I tackle any rides very much longer than that, I may make myself use a headrest again then, at least part of the ride.

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