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Finally posting updates on treatments/scans


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I am so bad about posting! By the time of day that I get on the computer I can only check e-mails & then I'm ready to get in my jammies & get some sleep.

And I should be updating my profile. One of these days I will.

But in the meantime......

I had the cyberknife done in January to get rid of two tumors. One the size of a grape, the other a pea.

Since then two brain MRI's. Both showing that the tumors are gone! I have an appt. for another one in mid-August & hoping that they haven't come back.

I had a chest CT scan in Dec. that showed cancer in my lymph nodes so was put on Tarceva & Avastin (every 3 weeks). in Jan. Then another scan in April that showed some shrinkage in the lymph nodes. They had also been concerned about some little nodules in both lungs.

I had another CT scan on July 22 & doc said that they don't see the nodules & the lymph nodes are no longer enlarged.

So doc is calling me stable & I am very, very happy about that!

Happy dance time here but not anything too strenous as I still suffer fatigue.....small price to pay in return for all the good things that have happened to me. I consider myself very, very blessed to be here.

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Thanks guys for my first good laugh of the day. I needed that? Creekgirl for the request and Randy for the video. A big contratulations. I appreciate the value of stable! And the fatigue, still trying to adjust to the fact that fatigue from the treatment is better than fatigue from the cancer.

Judy in Key West

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Susan & Michelle.....

I am kinda inclined to let Randy off this time because "bless his heart" he is trying even tho he won't committ himself & keeps sending me these imposters.....lol.

But the next time I get a good scan I too want to see RANDY himself doing the happy dance.

Randy are you listening??????? And I could get another good scan as I go for a brain MRI in mid August. So have those dancing shoes ready!


BTW, Mocha is a good judge of dancing.

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