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Pictures of my great grandbabies

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Thanks to all of you. First of all to Ned and then to Paulette for helping me get them on here. I am still not sure what I did wrong.

I also have a picture of Johnny to put up for my avitar. Ned fixed it but didn't give it to me the same as the others so I am not sure yet if it will work.

To the rest of you your kind words always help me when I need a boost.

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Thanks again Ned. I hope all of you who don't remember some of my earlier avatars will enjoy this one of Johnny. On December 2 it will be 7 years sense I lost him. Still I see as he was in this photo in March of that same year. He had the most beautiful honey golden eyes that I have ever seen. God How I wish that I could look into them one more time.

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Lily, those pictures of your grandchildren are priceless. Treasure them. When they get big they often start making goofy faces when you try to take their pic and it's hard to get good ones. That's been true for Dominick anyway. The other two boys are still very photogenic.

Johnny is such a handsome man. Thanks for sharing his pic with us.

Judy in Key West

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Your great grandchildren are so beautiful. God bless them.

You have been richly blessed.

I know the feeling. It's the greatest. :D

They cannot send me enough photos of our first great grandbaby. Thank you for sharing those special photos with us. Children brighten the board and give it promise.


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