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Duke of Earl - Chapter 54 ?Iressa Rash


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Well, the Duke had his first Iressa pill last night. As mentioned in chapter 53 our insurer looked like it was going to make it difficult to get, but, it's a miracle - only one call from our oncologist and we got it.

My question - if Earl gets the dreaded Iressa rash - what is the best cream to use?

The dr. also mentioned diarhea and said take Imodium and if he feels naseous - eat a saltine. I didn't know Iressa made you pregnant. (I thought saltines were only used for morning sickness)

Please dear God let 2004 be the miracle year for lung cancer.

Love you all,

Mrs. Duke

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Treat the Duke like a baby....Aveeno makes a baby shampoo that can be used as a body soap as well. (My rash was in my hair pretty thick, too.) Talk to your pharmacist about OTC creams and lotions, they're pretty good on finding the ones that don't contain all the harsh preservatives, etc. If the rash is EXTREMELY bad, talk to your family doctor and possibly get a referral to a dermatologist. I took a lot of oral antibiotics for the rash before the oncologist took me off Iressa due to all the side effects I was experiencing (I was on a trial for suppressive therapy in hopes that taking the drug for a year would keep recurrence away - managed for two months).

Diarrhea was another story - Immodium may help. I found that the Cottonelle moist wipes kept next to the commode helped in other discomforts (so I could SIT DOWN during the day). In my case, the bowel function did not slow down at night, I would wake at 3:00A to make a mad dash to the bathroom (remember the book, "Fifty Yards to the Outhouse" by Willy Makit?)...make sure there's a clear path in the dark for him...

Hope the Duke's spots aren't TOO horrible!

Best to you both,


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Ginny and Earl,

I hope you don't need the extra stuff for the Iressa, I pray it works like a charm.

I echo your call for 2004 to be a year of miracles in the fight against lung cancer.

The prayer power of this group alone, and the positive energy flowing here strike me speechless. I can feel the focused power .

Here's hoping the Iressa is the "right stuff"


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I have a few things saved about what others have used for the rash (some from our sweet Ada). Let me know if he has problems and I'll send them to you. It appears oily lotions, Vaseline Intensive Care or Becky g suggested Utterly Smooth I think it was called. Good luck to the Duke.

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My oncologist sent me to buy Udderly Smooth for my Iressa rash. Evdiently the makers of Iressa now recommend it for all usersof Iressa. I buy it at Wal-Mart--it comes in a little round black and white tub (looks like a cow, I guess). In my Wal-Mart, they don't keep it with the other lotions--I just asked at the pharmacy, and they directed me right to it. It has directions on it for actually using it on cow udders. But it did make my rash feel a lot better. Now I am off the Iressa, so the rash is healing, but it is still nice lotion--it might help him to start using it before the rash appears.


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Here's a tip for an upset stomach.

If the saltines don't help, try using graham crackers instead.

Yes, this is a tip that came from my obstetrician (sp?) when I was pregnant, but I've used it for other things and other people have tried it and it did help.

Sometimes it's the salt on the saltines that make you sick also. Or I think they make saltless saltines now.

Praying he is able to take this without those dreaded side effects.

Blessings :)

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