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my father has pneumonia


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Hello Friends,

My father had started Gemzar and Zometa on Monday. Tuesday night he started not to feel well. Wednesday morning had a temp, was weak, went to ER and xray says pneumonia. Today he was doped up with his pain patch for his shoulder and codeine for his cough. I hated seeing him like this. We were supposed to go to nutrition/vitamin doc tomorrow and now we cant. I rescheduled for next Wed hoping he's out of the hospital by then. I so much wanted to get him on a nutrition/vitamin plan.

So, any prayers, advice would be so much appreciated. Im praying for all of you every night.

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Your dad has been doing very well. He will get through this too! Just keep the faith and I am praying for your father's quick recovery. It was caught early and with the antibiotics he will be home within a few days. Prayers every day for you and dad. Hang in there. Our prayers WILL be answered...

God Bless and hugs for you...


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what is his white cell count, do you know??

high cell count may indicate something more serious than pneumonia, BUT if its within normal range its pneumonia, just watch and make sure he eats and gets fluids.

it will take a while to get past too with the diminished immune system, just remember that.

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