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Bronchoscopy and EBUS today


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My bronchoscopy and EBUS procedure is happening today. I am hoping for staging and a treatment plan some time "soon" after. Thankfully my wife will be there for me and will help with questions and follow up. It's my first time under general anesthesia but probably not my last.  -Brian 

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Thank you for asking Michelle, I'm feeling good, a little sore throat pain but no bleeding or other concerns. I have hypertension and my BP was 151/110 pre-biopsy which is really high for me. Stress and no meds that morning caused that. I don't know if it was the medicine or daytime sleep or my over consumption of coffee in the afternoon but I only got about an hour and a half of sleep so I'm dragging for that reason. I was under before I entered the OR and didn't wake up until I was in recover, I'm guessing I was out about 3.5 hours total.    

My wife met my thoracic surgeon and shares my confidence in him now, she did her research but needed to meet him to be sure. I'll be sure to post once i hear the results of my biopsy in a few days or so. 


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waiting in anticipation with you for results... but remember “we got this”. 

Hoping for good results... waiting is so stressful... relax and know that we are all thinking positive for you!

In solidarity of the fight...


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