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Happy New Year - 308 Days Post Lobectomy


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It’s been 308 days since I had an upper right lobe lobectomy.   I’m spending this New Years Eve with my wife and three sons (7, 9 and 11) at an indoor water park.  Walking the stairs probably isn’t like it would have been last year but I’m able to do it and here to enjoy it.   I’ll add making it easier to climb stairs to the list of resolutions (I’ve got a few).   Another year in the books.  I hope 2020 is a little healthier, a littler easier and a lot happier for everyone here.  ❤️🌟💫💪🏼🥊💥🥂

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Curt, celebrating the new year having fun and with your loving family ---

that begins a Happy New Year .  Thanks for sharing.

I pray your New Year continues just like that. 

Donna G

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