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Onelunguy's Race Video Clips

David P

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Hey everyone.

I hope you're not getting too tired of me talking about my biking, and I certainly hope you don't think I'm bragging or trying to flaunt what I do on my bike. Ever since my surgery 27 years ago, while having no contact with fellow LC survivors until two years ago, I have wondered "why me?" Ever since first posting my survival story and being overwhelmed by the "inspirational" response from so many, I have figured out the big "why me" question; it is to help provide a little bit of hope in the future of anyone inflicted with LC , or anyone who may find themselves in the care giver's role wondering if their parent or spouse can still be active. Simply put, I train and race my mountain bike in the hopes that someone who has just been diagnosed, or someone who has just gone through surgery can see that any bit of exercise and a positive attitude can help in recovery. And no, I didn't have chemo or radiation, and yes I have been told that they decrease the lung's elasticity -- another reason to stay active. I advocate doing whatever you can do, in your present condition. If it's climbing a flight of stairs, walking aound the block, or just doing arm exercises while you sit in a chair...

I bike for all of you. Because I can.

I'm trying to build a website for my biking videos and interviews. Until I figure it out, if you want to view some clips of my World Solo Race, and you have more than 8.3 megabytes of email storage (that's as small as I could compress it and still be viewable) send me your email address to

dpiercy@sd61.bc.ca and I'll send it to you. Bye for now.

David P.

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David, Never am I bored with you encouraging us.... and I do not feel you are bragging at all....

I think its awesome to see long term survivors here. Its gives others hope.

You could have very easily gone on with your life, and members here would have never known of such a great success story.... and that would be a shame

It also helps the medical community realize that this is not always a fatal disease. The medical community needs as much encouragement as we do in finding ways to improve the quality and length of life after a LC diagnosis.

I say, keep up the positive message.... its is sad that not everyone can acheive such great results, but I think it is also very encouraging to see that you have !


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In the real world we are each given different 'gifts'. Some of us can sing, some of us can paint, some of us have tremedous physical stamina or incredible grace, some of us have the ability to comfort others, some of us have great intelligence, are articulate, the list goes on. And we bring our gifts with us when we are diagnosed with lung cancer, or when someone we love is.

I don't think you are bragging. I believe that you are offering yourself as an example of hope.

I live in a tri-level house, and when I reach the top of the stairs-huffing and puffing like a freight train-I think to myself, "I WIN!" :D Several times a day I get to tell myself that I'm a winner, no matter what anyone else may think of me. :wink:

You keep riding the bike, and telling me about it. I told you that during my hospital stay last year for the pneumonectomy when I got up to walk (and I didn't really want to do it) I thought of you on your bike, and Tiny climbing mountains, Connie B. and all her activities, the list goes on. Knowing you and Tiny (and so many others) helped me to overcome MY physical hurdles, and a few emotional ones.

We all have different 'gifts'...I'm never going to ride a bike like you. Not even when I was young, and had the respiratory capacity of a whale, was I ever going to ride a bike like you do. But that doesn't meant that I can't celebrate that YOU can ride a bike like YOU DO. :)

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NEVER NEVER would I get bored, or tired of what ever hearing your stories of your biking! YOU ROCK my FRIEND! And if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have bought a bike! :roll::roll: Kind of hard to ride it in the snow! But, non the less, you are MY HERO, and MY INSPIRATION, today, tomorrow and ALWAYS! I might not be able to do all that you can do, but, I'm doing more then I thought I could do, and I have YOU TO THANK!

((((((((((((DAVID)))))))))) Never underestimate the power of a FRIEND.

I for one and VERY PROUD OF what you do.

Fay, your my second hero, for I know you have been through HELL and back this last year and a half, + SOME! Yet you keep on keepin on. People don't know the HALF of what your dealing with, but I am PROUD to be your friend!

My love and Respect to David P. Fay A. and allllll the rest of my LCSC family.

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David, as you know I got the footage-and was very impressed. Oh, by the way, I think I figured out who the narrator is (I confess, :oops: I am one of those people that cannot let something lie-if I feel like something is fimiliar to me, I need to think and think until I come up with the answer-I even loose sleep over things like this :x ) I believe the narrator is Elliot Gould. I might be wrong. But, anyway, who cares. The point is the story and footage and interviews were very interesting and inspiring.

I agree with ConnieB, when she said:

"DAVID, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!"

Keep up the great work, and I would be interested in ANYTHING that you have regarding your biking and awareness-raising!!!

Take care, Deb

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Dave how can you ever think that your sharing your story could be considered bad.

Unfortunately there are too few long term survivors from Lung Cancer, and your story is a true inspiration.

In a world where doctors and statistics work to strip us of resolve and hope, we need to have an example of success. You are a survivor of this war. Not only did you survive, but you triumphed and you excel. You offer us all hope of long term survival. You let us know that surviving can be done with a great quality of life and a full lifestyle.

You are a shining beacon of hope to all who see you. You should be proud, and if you feel like bragging, well then you've earned the right.

I for one would be honored if you'd e-mail me your clips.

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