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"A Visit with Tom Galli"


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So I checked my mailbox yesterday and saw Lungevity uh, magazine? sitting there (don't know why I started getting these - it's the 2nd one I received).  Flipping through and glancing at the content... and this caught my eyes! I read it through and yup, as always, very well said, Mr Galli, good on you! (I said that with a virtual pat on the shoulder, obviously) 😁👍


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@Lisa Haines @LouT I don't know how I started getting the magazine (it was a magic! 😆), but I looked in there to see if there's any "if you want to subscribe..." but there isn't.  BUT I do see their email addy- info@lungevity.org so maybe send them your address and ask?


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Okay, here is what I found out.  The newsletter can be viewed and downloaded here: https://lungevity.org/sites/default/files/general/media-resources/newsletter-fall-2020.pdf

It seems that if you are a donor at a certain level, you will receive them in the mail.  Extra copies are sent to the Chicago and Bethesda offices so if there was ever anything specific you wanted a hard copy of, they can be sent by request.  Although everyone is still working from home, so it might take some time to get it out. :)

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