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CT Results

Joe B

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Thank you all for your prayers, keep em coming !

We met with the Oncologist today (we managed to move up the appt)...

Bottom line is there is no evidence of disease......and I am cautiously optimistic

There is some inflammation in my right lower lobe evident on CT from the radiation treatments... This is totally expected..... there are a couple of lymph nodes that are in the higher range of normal (8mm, & 9mm) .....these could also very likely be due to radiation tx- (as they were in the radiation field.....)

And lastly, one very small (charaterized as "tiny') black spot, or lesion that is 1 or 2mm (very small) on the liver. Given the color (black) the onc thinks its a very small cyst...... the radiologist stated it is "too small to classify".....

so I feel pretty good....... no follow up for 3 months (the good Lord Willing of course)... and of we start the watching & waiting game....

But for right now, Gina & I are celebrating and heading down to FLA in less than a week ....

God Bless


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Congratulations to you, too, Joe....we seem to have fallen into the same boat today - we are both enjoying some really good news! My mom's appointment with the oncologist was today as well and we, too, are looking forward to enjoying some time off and celebrating the simple things in life...being together and sharing some laughter...

Have a great time in Florida....!! :D

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Thank you everyone for the well wishes. You are all in my prayers. I feel very fortunate to have found this site..... I hope i can give back a little in return for all the advice, prayers, and well wishes I have received.

God bless.....

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