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New CT due/pleural effusion


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Last month's routine CT/MRI series showed a small amount of fluid inside the prosthetic chest wall (goretex instead of 5 ribs). I go back Tues Mar 9 for a second CT and chest xray, and on Wed Mar 10 the surgeon will evaluate and decide if he wants to do a surgical tap with cytology.

He hopes it is due to inflammation, and will not show up on the new scan. This is new, 3 1/2 years post surgery. Fingers and toes crossed.

When I asked him if it was a lot of fluid, he said not much, less than 200 ccs.

I'll let you know next week what's happened.

Meanwhile, as always, all y'all are in my prayers.



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Here's hoping it's a "dry spell"! AS IF there ain't enough crap going on at your place (been there, done that single momdom...) May your household stress ease while you are emotionally handling this newest information. Sure makes it easier to tamp down when you can concentrate beyond groceries/dinner/taxi service/homework/bedtime/bills/puberty/....

Let me lend you an ounce of MY strength to use when you need it (just make sure your test dates aren't scheduled when mine are!).



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Dear MaryAnn,

Just caught this..sorry for the delay in responding. I'm hoping and praying this is but a hiccup and all will be running smoothly yet again. You are always there for everyone (most especially myself) and if i can do anything at all, please let me know.



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