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my mom is home from surgery


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Hi. Wow, you miss a couple of days and so much happens on this board :)

My mom had her surgery on Thurs, upper right lobe removed through the new minimally invasive technique. She was in ICU for a bit, then next thing I know Sun morning the chest tube was removed and she was sent home! She is very weak, tired, and in a lot of pain. She cannot imagine having the "bigger" surgery and how much that must hurt. She is walking very short distances a few times a day and doing her breathing exercises.

We don't have the pathology report back yet, so not sure if she is getting chemo with radiation in a few weeks.

Meanwhile my husband Brian was very sick this weekend, high fever, severe abdominal pain and diarreha. So I took him to ER Sun night. CT scan showed abnormal colon with adema, lymph nodes swollen in colon, consistent with colitis. Why is it though that when I see the word lymph nodes swollen my mind goes to cancer like gastric lymphoma or hodgkins? I truly am mentally ill maybe. He is seeing a gastro dr to follow up.

And in the midst of all of this, one of our cases goes to trial on Monday so I have been working 12 hour days before surgery and after (I took off for surgery), which in a way gives me less time to worry. Although I still manage to squeeze in a few anxiety attacks each day :) G-d bless xanax.

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Hi Andrea, I am so happy that your mom's surgery is over. I have heard about the less invasive surgery and I think it it wonderful that she was able to have her tumor removed that way. My best to you and your mom and praying that she continues on a speedy recovery. Nancy O.

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Gosh, they threw her out soon- but glad everything went ok---pain is to be expected, even with minimally invasive procedures

When I had my lobectomy, (the invasive type) I had to stay in 9 days because they could not find out why I was draining so much fluid (there was a leak in the tube---but no one thought to check that!!) when I came home, there was very little pain --if at all---and I was very mobile---

so I think the extra days were good---

I think they toss you out too soon nowadays---but it is great that she is walking and doing her breathing exercises

I hope the pathology report comes out with great results !

best wishes

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Wondeful news about your mom. Sorry to hear about your new husband, and I know what your mean-lymph nodes have taken on a whole new meaning. Glad your work keeps you busy and that you can still find the time to PANIC a bit!! Thanks for updating us, and you and yours are in the thoughts and prayers of many.


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Elaine and everyone else who is neurotic,

When will it end? Logic common sense--we all have had swollen glands, especially as kids. Swollen glands are inflamed lymph nodes. It is what happens when we get sick and have an infection. As a matter of fact, I am told it is the norm. So why do we hear the word lymph nodes and jump when reality is they get swollen if we are fighting an infection????

And then what happens when we have kids? Do we keep thinking each time we feel something it is cancer? I almost feel like I need to get a grip and control on my neurosis and fear so wh en I have kids I don't pass it to them and make myself sicker.

Does anyone else have the constant daily fear that so mething will be found, every symptom could mean something? It really is unhealthy. Of course, if I were not neurotic, my mom would not have had her chest xray (it was at my insistence, against waht dr wanted). So it is a double edged sword. SOrry, I am rambling :)

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So glad to hear your mom is home. Sounds like she is on recovering nicely at home.

I know since my mother's diagnosis I have been on "high alert". Normally I am very rational and the one in control, but facing all these decisions and our parents' mortality as well as our own shakes us to the core. I like to draw the analogy of a house with an alarm system. Under normal circumstances, a robber opens a door or window and sets off the alarm...the way the system is intended to function, but with all this stress and uncertainly our alarm systems are on overdrive. When the wind blows and the curtains move, our alarm systems go off big time. Time for a little self talk, deep breathing, and medication, if necessary, to get our overactive nervous systems on track.

Take care and know you are not alone!!

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