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My wife is now on week 13 of Tabrecta. So far tolerating well. Fatigue and minor stomach issues from time to time. She has also just started getting some swelling in her ankles. Very minor so far and is alleviated by simply raising her feet when relaxing. 

She also had a follow up brain MRI for numerous brain Mets. This was her first follow up since diagnosis 

The two large lesions were greatly reduced in size. The 15 minor lesions were gone and there were no new lesions. 

We are hopeful that the Tabrecta played some role In this since she also had WBRT in April

She has her first PET scan next week since starting Tabrecta in May. Keeping our fingers crossed

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My fingers and toes are crossed and prayers go up for your wife's scans to bring good news.  The news on the brain mets is good and hopefully portends even better news to come.  Please keep us updated.


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Glad to see the treatment is working.fingers crossed and prayers her pet scan comes back good. I use knee high compression socks to reduce swelling in lower legs and ankles 

Take care ,keep us posted


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