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Radiation is complete!

gerbil runner

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My mom had her last radiation treatment yesterday. Talked to her last night - and she's really glad to be done :D .

So now she has a week off before her next onc. appointment. She did very well - slight reddening of the skin, mild to moderate pain at the last week or so (controllable with medication). She's tired, of course, but that's improving.

It feels like a milestone completed. She had 28 treatments to the chest, 25 to the pancreas.

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Congratulations to your mother. She had to be strong and brave to undergo two series of radiation treatments. I declined a second set of treatments after my first series was interrupted by extreme anemia. I felt that years of reflux had already burnt my esophagus. My wife had an inflamed pancreas some yeas ago ad suffered great pain from it. Your mother must be one tough lady.


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