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Going for a break!

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Hello Dear Friends,

I just wanted you to know that I probably won't be posting much in the next couple of weeks. Dave and I are taking off to go to see my daughter and her family. I must say I am a bit worried that this trip will be too much for Dave as he is pretty wiped out at the moment. I wish we had gone earlier as I had wanted to. Oh Well, no good worrying about that now! I hope he will be able to get some Z's on the plane as he is so tall he finds the seats uncomfortable anyway.

My son -in-law does a lot of work on his computer so I will probably not get much of a chance to use it, but I shall check in now and again, to see if you are all behaving yourselves :P You will all be in my thoughts and prayers, even if I don't post.


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Enjoy your time away. Sounds like a fun time - except for those small seats in the darn plane... I've always found 'em uncomfortable and can only imagine how bad they feel to the Cookieman at over 6'! It's not like I have a lot of leg room to share, since the seats are close enough together that you and the guy in front of you should probably be engaged at least! :oops:

ANYWAY, have fun, shop, socialize...EAT (my favorite activity-well, one of 'em...there's dancing and kite flying and...)

Don't worry about the kids here, they'll play nice, Rochelle is back to keep 'em in line.


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Hi Paddy and Dave,

I'm praying real hard that Dave regains his strength and can really enjoy the visit with your daughter. What state are you flying to. I hope he does get rest on the plane so he be ready to enjoy when you get there. It's nice to get a break away from all of these doctors. I will certainly be thinking of both of you and you are always in my prayers...

Blessings and Happy Easter,


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