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New Cancer


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Well, I was a head and neck cancer survivor, I now have become a lung cancer survivor. Just got the results of my last ct scan and have a mass in my upper left lung apex. Next going to get pet scan to see if any other tumors. From there we will discuss options. For me this is round three of this fight.

Was told if no other mets than I will have surgery then chemo, if other mets found than pallitive care. After two years of this battle, I'm not totally devastated as I was when first DX.

Coming here to this board for support and to give any if possible.

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Thanks everyone for your support. Now I had my pet scan yesterday and from what they saw and showed me, there is nothing to report. The scan came back negative. Just to be sure, they did another one of the area that the ct scan showed positive. Still came back negative. Will see my onocolist on Monday, but I believe I am still clear and that maybe the ct scan picked up scar tissue from the radiation I got for lymph node which was positive just above my collarbone. The ups and downs this disease causes with every little developement can wear one down. I'm elated that the pet scan shows nothing, but what ever the ct scan shows I guess they will go in and biopsy anyway. That's just a guess, won't know until Monday what direction they will suggest. Thank you again for your support and if I can be of assitance to anyone, I will try my best to help.

By the way, my onocologist diagnosed me with stage 4 SCC with unkown primary. That was for the second occurance after the tonsil SCC.

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I am sorry brm 1049, can I ask you please to define what you mean by SCC?

DX SCC Right Tonsil 5/2002

Right radical neck dissection 6/2002

DX SCC unknown primary 9/2003

7 weeks Taxol carboplatin 11/2003

7 weeks Radiation 11/2003

DX Lung SCC 4/2004

I am of course familiar with SCLC and NSCLC, but have no clue as to what you mean by the above initials.

Thanks for any help in advance, and welcome to our happy home, sorry you had to find us, but we are glad you are here! :)



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SCC, Squamous cell carcinoma. I was DXed with it in may 2002, right tonsil and 3 of 33 lymph nodes which they took out in june 2002. Then in Septmber of 2003, Dxed with SCC on left side of neck in lymph node close to collarbone, but no primary was found, Dr said this lymph node normally points to lung cancer but at the time none was detected, now they believe growth they found in ct scan is probably the primary, but the pet scan came up negative so I really don't know where I stand now. Waiting to see Dr on Monday.

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Hey brm,

Thanks for posting your picture. I love the pictures - it really helps me to identify with others. You are a real cutie! Now, the next step is a first name. If you don't use it, when Snowflake gets back, she might take out the "r" and blame it on a typo!

By the way, you have a great attitude! You call yourself a "survivor" right from the get go. That's a good sign and a good attitude helps in the whole process.

Welcome again!


P.S. You and my husband must go to the same barber - identical hairstyles!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Well, Dr said pet scan was negative but the ct scan showed a new growth that he is convinced is malignant. So I will see the surgeon on thursday to set up biopsy and possible removal of upper lode. My onocologist believes I'm stage 4 advanced. He says the only reason he is even considering surgery is because I young and relatively healthy. He also said if it proves positive, they probably won't do chemo again. I quess he is suggesting pallitive care. I have to see what the dr says thursday. I'll keep you posted.

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