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Vision Problems


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Yeah. My husb. complained about that and told the doctor, too. I forgot about that. He even used the same words, grey, fuzzy. I think the doctor went "hmmmmmmm, let me know if it continues". Lots of help, huh. It did go away. Of course, I have no idea if your vision problem is the same as his. It's always good to ask the doc.

God bless you,


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Hey Mo,

I went through that also when I did my chemo, many moons ago. And to top it all off, my vision has gotten worse as time goes on. Now I know part of that is age, BUT I know chemo can cause problems with vision as well. But, non the less, check it out!

Hope it goes away soon for you. It's frustrating when it happens!

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My sister has episodes of blurred vision after every chemo tx. Her Dr. said this does happen, and it does clear up, and it did, every time. By the way, she just completed her 6th round of chemo and will get a CT scan next week to see if the tumors have shrunk more, gone away, etc. and will discuss with her Dr. what will happen next--radiation, more chemo, nothing...please keep her in your prayers & positive thoughts. Thank you.

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I've noticed a vision thing a couple of times since I was first diagnosed and started on the chemo. I can only really describe it like a tiny spot of light that kind of grows into a longer ribbon of light that causes a blind spot in my vision. It seems to last maybe 30 minutes or so. It happened again the other day.

Not sure if its got anything to do with the cancer or the chemo since it doesn't happen all the time or anything like that. I plan to mention it tomorrow though at the Drs. I haven't before mostly because I've never had one this close to a Drs appointment and I usually forget about them. (my bad yes I know)

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