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Cindy RN

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Hi everybody. I am still around, my computer is still having problems! One day I will be so rich I can just buy a new one. HA!

All is going well. I saw the DR about the effusion Fri and he said it has stayed the same. I get another echo in 2 mos and if it is still the same I will go in the hosp for a day and have it drained. He said if we just let it sit there it could harden and that is NOT good for the heart.

I have been busy with church activities, and a benevolence agency I help with. Also Relay for Life is this weekend. We had our survivor dinner last nite. That was my 4th relay dinner as a SURVIVOR!!! It is good to remember that when tests are not what we wish for.

Praying for all out there. I can not wait til this stupid thing works for longer than 20 min. at a time.

Love Cindy

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Guest cheri

Cindy, I have been thinking about you...it's so good to hear from you! Hope your computer problems work out soon! :D


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Cindy, glad to hear you're holding your own.

For the computer - small independent shops can sometimes fix problems cheap. If you're running WinXP, try a system restore (pick a date before you had problems). If not, do you have a system restore cd? You'll lose all data, but it sometimes works.

I'm in charge of the care/feeding of a small network (5 pc's and an NT server) and 3 pc's at home, and have no formal training, so I know what it's like to try to "just make the darn thing work".

Email me if you want more free advice - worth every penny :wink: .

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