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I would just like to thank everyone who donated this year and last year for the American Cancer Society "RELAY FOR LIFE"

WALK Event. Last year I couldn't make the event due to the extensive Chemo I was getting, but this year I was there.

It was the most amazing experience being a part of this event. Be around people who are fighting cancer, even if its not lung cancer touched my heart. Everyone there has the same hope as we do and everyone there is fighting his or her own little battle. If you ever have a chance to participate in an event like the, DO IT!!! Our group (the company my nephew works for) raised $5500.00 and the whole event raised about $45,000.00.

They also had a ceremony for the caregivers who fight just as hard as we do. GOD BLESS THEM!!!!!

Also having my whole family there to cheer me on was so special. They even had the survivors give their caregivers a flower to thank them. Took a lot of pictures but the one here is when I presented my wonderful wife with a flower for her being my caregiver.

I now have two purple "SURVIVOR" tee shirts. MY goal is to collect 50 more!!!!!

I’m still collecting donations until May 28 2004 for LUNG CANCER RESURCH AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENN.

If you would like to send a donation please make check to:

“Trustees, Univ of Pennsylvania” (Memo:) “Support Lung Cancer Research”

And mail it to:

Raymond L. Alleva

104 Passaic Ave

Voorhees, NJ 08043

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Congratulations Ray on a job well done!

Our Relay for Life is in August and I just spoke with the coordinator yesterday about setting up a booth. She was all for it so I hope to be able to contribute that way. She also invited me to an event on the 22nd of this month for survivors which I hope to be able to attend.

God Bless,


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Wow Ray---well done !! Congratulations on the Relay and raising so much money. Where my husband works---the guys shaved their heads after donating money to a cancer organization. It's truly wonderful when people pull together....

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Our Relay for Life was this past weekend and our family named our team "I Scream for a Cure" and we made and sold 15 freezers of home-made ice cream(I'm still sticky!) all day Sat. (our relay went from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.) With donations we collected and ice cream proceeds, our family team contributed $3,025 to the total of $23,000. That's not bad at all for a community our size (entire county population is about 7,000; town is about 2500). Our slogans were: "Churning for a cause; Yearning for a cure", "I Sceam, You Scream, We all Scream for a Cure!"

Because we are a small, closeknit community, the opening remarks by a survivor(who is himself going through a very rough time with chemo right now) included a special prayer for TBone and his family. Then we had the Survivors' Lap around the courthouse square and TBone walked (with his kids as escorts) all the way around! The teams at their camps scattered all around on the courthouse lawn cheered the survivors all the way around. It was emotionally almost all I could take but it was such a wonderful day of being reminded of how much we are loved by our friends and neighbors. The day culminated with the lighting of the luminarias outlining the entire path around the square. There were many purchased in TBone's honor and I purchased one in honor of lchelp.com. (maybe Tee Taa will send a photo of it). I had each one of you in my thoughts all day long.


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Yay Ray and Tbones family!!!!!!!! We could have used some ice cream at ours, it was soooooo hot.

I still am in awe of it all, the luminaries, how everyone was there for the same cause, etc. I can't wait till next year.

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