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first round of chemo not working - need advice

barbara w

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Hi everyone,

My dad had his ct results last Friday after two rounds of Carbo/ Gemzar - not encouraging. The results showed growth, so his onc gave two options:

1. taxotere

2. Clinical trial consisting of a.) velcade or b.) velcade and taxotere. It is a randomized but open label trial.

My concern is that there is so little information on velcade (bortezomib) and taxotere seems to offer promising results. My dad has opted for the clinical trial, but is still a bit hesitant. I'm hoping that he'll be put in the velcade/taxotere arm, but what if he's not?

Does anyone have any info on velcade or taxotere, or any suggestions. Also, if the first line chemo doesn't work, is that an indication that the cancer itself is resistant to chemo. He tolerated the carbo/gemzar combo great, gaining ten pounds in the six weeks of treatment.

Any suggestions would be most greatly appreciated. My dad can't start any treatment until next Friday, so he's in Ireland with my mom for some r&r until the next battle begins.




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Barbara I can't help you in the velcade question but I can speak to the other issue. If you read through the members profiles here you will see that lots of indivudals have tried several chemos before one is effective. For John, taxotere did nothing, but for many others on this board it's been great. You just don't know which one is going to do the trick.

And good for your dad going to Ireland while he's waiting!

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Rochelle is right, just because one chemo doesn't work, it does not have any predictive value about another chemo.

I'm really glad your dad has the opportunity to take such a great r and r before the next battle.

If you get the single arm, and it's not effective, they might put you in the double arm or else release you from the study to go for taxotere.

In any case, good luck to your dad.

and to you too -- stay sane.

Prayers, always,



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Guest Phyllis

Hi, I have been on different chemo's. Such as CPT-11 did nothing for me but Xeloda was great. I hope carbo/taxol is still working for me but won't know til next week. I have been on a lot of clinical trials. The nice thing about them is you are monitored closely and get all kinds of attention. So they will know pretty quick if the trial is working or not. If you show progression they will take you off of a drug pretty quick and go for another option and it sounds like your father has many. What about surgery on the lung and radiofrequency ablation for the liver met? Good luck.

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Velcade is also called PS-341, mln341 and ldp-341.

There are been a very few very promising results (cancer completely gone). I read about 2 cases (which isnt obviously much)

It has been active in lung cancer cell lines but that does not always translate to doing well in clinical trials

I am sure it is a difficult decision.

Semin Oncol. 2004 Feb;31(1 Suppl 1):40-6. Related Articles, Links

Proteasome inhibition with PS-341 (bortezomib) in lung cancer therapy.

Lara PN Jr, Davies AM, Mack PC, Mortenson MM, Bold RJ, Gumerlock PH, Gandara DR.

Department of Internal Medicine, University of California Davis School of Medicine, UCD Cancer Center, Sacramento 95817, USA.

PS-341 (bortezomib) represents a new class of therapeutics that targets the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. It has broad-spectrum single-agent anticancer activity and can potentiate chemotherapy and radiation in preclinical models. Early phase clinical studies have shown tolerability and activity in multiple myeloma, lymphoma, prostate cancer, and lung cancers. By its mechanism of inhibiting protein degradation, PS-341 targets a wide range of pathways relevant to tumor progression and therapy resistance and can directly modulate expression of cyclins, p27(Kip1), p53, nuclear factor-kappaB, Bcl-2, and Bax. PS-341 is currently in phase I/II clinical development in both non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. This article will review the preclinical and clinical experience with PS-341 as it relates to lung cancer.

Publication Types:


Review, Tutorial

PMID: 14981579 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_o ... ed055c7d0d

http://www.cancerconsultants.com/patien ... herParams=

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Hi Barbara,

I just want to say I know exactly what you are going through right now. My dad has had 4 cycles of carboplatin/taxol and his scans came back very disappointing. He has new lesions in multiple lymph nodes, bones, and left adrenal gland. I too am searching and hoping they can come up with something that will work for him.

I wish your dad the best and hope the next treatment plan does the trick!!

Best of luck. I hope we both can soon post GOOD NEWS for our dads!


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It is true ....every treatment works differently on every individual. Our oncologist told us that the carboplatin does not work on everyone but other otpions do work. So, my best to finding the right combination and hang in there.

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