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I'm also a Newbie to the site. I actually just found it this morning. I've been avoiding this subject on the net because a lot of the sites I visited earlier on were depressing or displayed a lot of anger. I had enough of those emotions of my own and didn't need to fuel or feed on that of others.

I'm 64, married 40 years, was a smoker for nearly 50 years, retired, three daughters, one son, six grandkids, (one more due tomorrow perhaps).

It'll be a year from June 26 for me. I'd been experiencing strange aches and pains on and off for about a year and a half. Just prior to my DX I was hacking and coughing, (thought it was alergies), and having neck/back/ shoulder pains. I'd been taking Aleve for the pain and had developed severe swelling of the neck and face and finally went to an ER. Thank God for the doc on duty. He diagnosed me as having a tumor and SVC Syndrome. Biopsy came back as SCLC with the lymph nodes exposed and, of course, the tumor.

The tumor was, ironically, about the size of a cigarette pack and located between the Adam's Apple and the breast plate, just about exactly where there was no possible way to get at it surgically.

In any event I was in an ER mode and my radiation treatments began the very next morning. On and off the radiation and chemo treatments ran from June 26th to December 20th.

So far things are going well with my CT's clean, except for scarring, and my appetite and taste both coming back. I'm starting to eat regularly if not heavily and enjoying a healthy and delicious cocktail now and then.

From what I've seen so far this looks like a pretty good group. I hope we can share and help each other through what ever it is we have to face.

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Welcome to the group, glad you found us. Stay off those other sites, just settle in here. What is SVC syndrome? Curious if it is vena cava syndrome. My husband was also diagnosed due to that.


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Yes, SVC refers to Superior Vena Cava. In my case my neck was so swollen that a 20 inch silver chain that I wear was tight on my neck. My normal neck size was 17. I assumed that my neck and facial swelling was a reaction to the Aleve I'd been taking for my other pains. I also had a lot of purple veins on my chest that I'd assumed were just normal spider veins. I didn't think much about how fast they'd accumulated.

Of course, I'd come to these conclusions through self diagnosis on the internet. And, I'd already talked one doctor into going along with me and giving me a steroid shot to cure the problem.

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Don Wood,

Thank you for the welcome. Funny you should ask. The "twodogs" has three sources. 1. I did have two dogs when I started using it years ago as a CB "handle". 2, There's a saying around here, (Wyoming), that you can spot a real cowboy because he has two dogs in his pickup and finally, there's a rather coarse joke about some naming conventions. I just sort of carried the old CB handle over to the internet when I finally got here.

My best wishes for you and Lucie.

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Ahhh...between you and my Avatar picture, we have TwoDog Knight...

Oh, I know..BAAAAADDDDD...

Welcome to the family. We'll laugh with you, we'll cry with you...and we're all in this together. The journey ain't easy, but the traveling companions are wonderful!


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Hi twodog and WELCOME! You sure have come to the right place to find loving, caring people. The wonderful people here have more answers than the doctors do. :D And they absolutely have a much better sense of humor. :wink: Stick with us - you'll be glad you did.

God bless you,


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Welcome Twodog. Its not a place you find by accident but it is the best place on earth for support and information. Glad you found us but sorry you had to look for us in the first place. Like Becky said, it ain't fun but the traveling companions are the best. Let us hear from you often.


aka Nushka

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Welcome 2Dog!

Sounds like you have had reasonable success with your treatment. And it also sounds like you're comfortable enough to share your experiences with those who are newer at this than you or I. Pleasure to have you aboard. Take care.

David P.

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Hi Twodogs,

Welcome to our group. You will find a very supportive and helpful group here.

Where in Wyoming do you live? The avatar picture was taken outside our kids house in Gillette, Wy. when our new grandaughter was born.


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Welcome to the family TwoDogs!!! This is a wonderful place to learn, cry, vent, laugh, smile, and all other adjectives :)

I am so sorry you had to find us, but I am glad that you did stumble upon this awesome group!

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Disney's Small World. One of Walt and God's greatest gifts to mankind and kidkind. We played the Small World theme at my daughter's wedding, my 50th birthday party and at my retirement party. Nobody except family knew why that was so special to us.


We're just east of Gillette in a small, (average for Wyoming), town called Pine Haven. We're on the edge of Keyhole Reservoir which is controlled by South Dakota and the BLM for irrigation. Right now it's starting to look like a dry lake bed.


Thanks again for the welcomes and kind words. I hope I can contribute to the continued succcess of this endeavor.

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