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fatigue--does it ever end?


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We are seeing the oncologist tomorrow and #1 issue will be my mom's increasing fatigue. He had said that she was supposed to be getting stronger and she was for a bit. But the past week her engergy has gotten so low. She went to my future sister-in-law's shower with me on Sat and did great, but the days leading up to it, after the shower, and yest she has been sooo tired and napping and my dad would not even let her exercise. She said if I invited her to Bloomingdale's or Nordstroms yest she would have said no :shock:

I hope it is nothing serious, it seems abnormal, but I have read a lot about cancer related fatigue. Her timeline is:

Nov 2003 diagnosis

Feb 2004 finished chemo

March 2004 surgery

May 2004 finished radiation.

June 2004 Iressa.

Anyone else experience something similar?

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Hi Andrea -- your mom just finished radiation a month ago. She's going to need some time to recover. I also remember my surgeon telling me that it can take up to a year to fully recovery and regain your energy/strength from surgery -- and that is WITHOUT putting radiation treatment into the mix!!!

I am sure that only being a month out of treatment, it is perfectly normal for her to be feeling this way, but it is obviously something to bring up at the appt. tomorrow just to confirm and see when he anticipates she will perk up! :D

Take care,


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I agree with Heather--it's really soon after a lot of traumatic treatment. But, mention it to the doc when you go--maybe he has some hints.

I can't speak to radiation in regards to lung treatment, but I did have it for breast cancer and the fatigue associated with it is something like I've never experienced before. And, that's all I did at the time--there was no chemo for that one.

Good Luck Andrea, I hope your mom is feeling better soon, but it does take time, and I think rest is the very best thing to recover.

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I began my radiation while healing from surgery (and getting up and down on that table was NO picnic)...from there, I went on to Iressa - and back off again. December I had surgery to remove my gall bladder...and for the past two months have been on medication for hypothyroid..

So, I'm tired..a lot...and my concentration is gone...recap:

Surgery 02/03

Radiation 03/03 - 05/03

Iressa 05/03-07/03

Gall Bladder 12/03

Hypothyroid 04/04

PLUS, I'm overweight, have a sit-down job, eat less than perfectly, etc., etc. The fatigue is no surprise to me, a lot of it is laid at the door of my thyroid - INCLUDING the weight gain of about 15 pounds in the last two months. Thyroid problems are a common side effect of radiation, and you've mentioned before that your mother has diabetes. Start listing what you can think of that's a "negative" health issue and see what can be "fixed"... We're working on my thyroid to up my metabolism and start working on getting rid of that extra weight...and we are exercising when I'm not totally whipped...ARGH...

Hope you get it all figured out and fixed...


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Thank you :) I know logically that sounds absolutely accurate. She did go through a lot. I just hate to see her "regress". She did call me today and said if I wanted to go to the new plus size store that opened in Tustin today she would say yes, but just to that one store :)

There was an article in The Cure about cancer fatigue too. I just feel helpless :)

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You are right, we gotta fix what we can. Tomorrow they will be able to tell if she is anemic and needs a shot or how her lungs sound, etc.

And just for the record, you are not at all overweight :) Anyone who does not have to shop in the plus size section is not overweight. You are a perfect size!!! :)

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I spent a year sleeping 14 hours a day.

But I never was a shop until you drop kinda gal.....

I personally didn't see a problem with working full time and keeping up with kids and sleeping 14 hours a day..... really....

It got better...... Now I'm sleeping 6-8 and doing okay on that.

I still have low energy, but that's due to respiratory deficiency, which is a whole nother issue...

Don't spend it all!!... lol




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I completed 15 rounds of WBR on 2/4/04 and still have not overcome the fatique and loss of apetite.I am on chemo now and that probably contributes to all this as well.But the WBR really did me in.I lost 54 lbs since January.The inside of my ears still peel and look like they were burned.I did start walking a mile a day a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to help the fatique.I have gotten behind because of bad weather (If I walk it's gonna be outside).The only other thing I have found that works is to force myself to get up and walk around for a while.Sometimes the sleepiness leaves when I do this.But sometimes when I walk I come home and immediately go take a nap.This kind of fatique is something I have never experienced.It is not like being tired from long working hours.It is just there and I hate it.Praying for us all.TBone


I have seen posts where people asked when they would get their hair back and mine just started coming back a couple of weeks ago.It is coming back pretty fast though.And I lost it on my 10th treatment.All of it came out at the same time.It was strange experiencing that as I had expected a gradual hair loss.

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