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I'm running away

Fay A.

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I'm running away from home for a few days. Taking the laptop, but not sure if where I'll be staying will have internet access. I'll let you know if I run into any Mojave Greens........

PS I'm worried about Sandy S......an adrenal biopsy is a very serious procedure in it's own right, no matter what the pathology. Does anyone know how to contact her off the list?

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I hope you end up someplace fun and remember the ruby slippers so you can go back home...maybe taking those stillettos mountain climbing?

PLEASE tell me you artistically adorn your toes and toenails, for some reason I picture you that way... :wink: (and if I could lose some of this excess weight so I could get to my toes, I'd paint 'em, too!)

Be safe & love always,


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Have a safe and fun week-end and 4th of July. Don't run too fast and get yourself all out of breath. Will be thinking of you while we're camping this week-end in Cherry Vally. Look forward to hearing from you on Tuesday. Have lots of fun...

Blessings, prayers and hugs,


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