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A poem I wrote


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I never write, I am not into poetry or anything, but I wrote this the other night when I could not sleep just to be silly. I am sending it to cancer publications just in case someone is crazy enough to publish it in the "from the reader" section so I can plug LCSC :)

Just wanted to share.

Life Changes

By Andrea F. Scheff

Cancer was always such a scary thought

I always prayed for those who fought

I never thought it would touch my life

Especially at a time when I was months away from becoming a wife

The timing for my mom to have cancer was bad

I had no time to be sad

Wasn't I supposed to be planning a wedding?

I thought the only stress I was supposed to have was to choose a type of


Cancer happened to others not me.

My mom looked so healthy. How could it be?

John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you are making other plans"

The reality sunk in as I waited for the results of my mom's ct-scans

Deep down I always thought if I worried about cancer it could not happen to


Oh my gosh, how naive I could be!

Cancer reared its ugly head

"It is advanced lung cancer" is what the doctor said

I walked out of the doctor's office and someone smiled

I wanted to shout: "don't smile, cancer could be lurking in you or your

little child!"

I never thought I would ever feel safe or happy

Especially when the treatment made my mom feel so crappy!

I cried myself to sleep every night

With cancer growing in my mom's lung, how could anything be alright?

How on earth could there be cheer

When my life was now full of fear?

One night I must have had a dream

I woke up and I didn't cry and scream

I decided to live life

And thank g-d for having the good fortune to be Brian's wife

I suddenly had an unexplainable urge to fight!

And dedicated myself to help fight cancer with all my might.

Flowers, card, phone calls and prayers came rushing in

I could not help it, with each act of kindness I had to grin

So many people cared and loved us!

We were overwhelmed by all the fuss!

Some people disappointed me, but that was fine

Others surprised me and it was simply divine

Cancer gives you a gift few people receive

You learn who loves you and those who deceive

My heart is full of love for so many who showed they care

Truly learning who loves us in life is rare

I now view life with a different eye

Sure there are plenty of days where I still cry

But I realize how important it is to enjoy each day

And how vital it is to take pride in things I do and say

I wish I could erase some things I have done in my past

Why did I ever allow myself to be unhappy when life goes so fast?

I now refuse to worry about the small stuff

After 32 years of being a worry wart I have had enough!

Nothing is more important in life than health

Although with the cost of cancer drugs, it can't hurt to also have wealth

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That was really and inspiring poem. Thank you for sharing. I don't find you silly or anything abouth the poem silly. I pray that one of the cancer publications will print this in their publishings. It is a poem from the heart of a loving daughter, whose mother has been stricken with this dreadful disease. Your mom is truly blessed to have you as a daughter, you are special...

God Bless, Prayers and hugs,


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