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Surgery tomorrow


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Hi Everyone

Again I am taking Shelliemacs advise and writing to you all. My next surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I had to get a procedure done today that was very painful. My boyfriend said he could hear me down the hall screaming. Please send prayers for me and my family. Shelly could use a few extra prayers. She has a lot on her mind is getting into a deep depression. Shelly or I will update you all as soon as we get news.

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I just sent Shelly a PM--stay tough--this is going to be just fine. I had the same procedure in 2001. It's highly preferable to an entire axilllary node dissection. You'll be sore, but tylenol 3 fixed me right up. You'll be shown range of motion exercises to do so that you maintain all the movement in your arm, but they're no big deal.

Both of you will be in my thoughts tomorrow and I told Shelly to get back to me with good news......good luck.....


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


My prayers, energy, wishes, hopes and crossed fingers for you. I hope with all my heart that you have litle pain and recover soon.

Tell Shelly that her posts to me have made a big and positive difference in my life. I thank her for that.


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