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Make-up Question


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I know this is dumb but here goes anyway . . .

I've been using Bare Minerals make-up for about 1 1/2 years (you know, it's the brush on powder stuff on the infomercials).

It really does make mess with all the dust from it when I put it on. I also need to put it on before I put my contacts in or it gets in my eyes and on my contacts.

I started thinking maybe it's not a great idea for me to be inhaling all of this stuff in to my lungs. I really do like the make-up (let's just say I have "problem" skin) but I don't want to hurt my lungs.

I'm asking for your thougths: Do you think I should stop using this make-up or not? Does anyone else use this type of make-up?


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I know what kind of makeup your talking about, but I do not know if it may be harmful... I do know that I think about that kind of stuff all the time. Weve been remodeling our house for 2 years now, and Ive been inhalaing all kind of stuff, insulation particles, spackle dust, paint and sanding fumes, and I wonder all the time what this stuff is doing to me. I think the bottom line is if it will make you feel better, then stop. If you can get over it, and you dont hear anything about this stuff, keep it up. Sorry I didnt have more infor for you.


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Living is dangerous, it leads to death.

Breathing, eating, crossing the street are all kown to potentially cause myriad problems.

If you really enjoy that particular make up, then use it and enjoy it,

and try not to inhale it, reasonably ,of course.

Like when one uses hairspray, or bug spray, or anything else.

Live the best way you know how, and if it brings you pleasure, then go ahead and use it!

As Becky says, you never know when the beer truck with your name on it will slip the parking gear at the top of the hill....

or -- Life is too short as it is!!


Prayers always,


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I had to smile at this post -- it is SO something I would ask about! :wink:

Since diagnoses, I have thrown away all "harsh" chemical cleaners and buy only safe cleaners, or clean w/ vinegar......I switched makeup to a natural make up (Eco-Bella foundation, Burts Bee lipstick) because I read that some chemicals in make-up are the same chemicals they use in certain chemo concoctions....I also switched to an all natural, organic body lotion because I know that what goes ON your body, goes IN your body.....I won't let my poor husband do ANY type of work on our new house that would leave dust particles floating around to get into my lungs, and we have a Ionic Breeze (Sharper Image) to suck up and remaining things floating around in the air. Oh yeah -- and we only paint with Sherwin Williams "Harmony" paint, which doesn't have the toxins in it that cause cancer....

However......I do love my loose powder, and while I have switched to a natural (Burt's Bee) face powder, I still think about the dust particles floating up my nose and into my lungs. But it's the only vice I have left! :wink:

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There have been times during my battle when coughing has been more of an issue...I noticed that when I applied powder blush, I would always cough. I did not stop using it! When I drove up the 405 to Los Angeles for treatment, the exhaust fumes on the freeway made me cough, but I didn't stop doing that either!

We still have choices and I know that, if I think I look better, then I feel better. If it makes you feel better, it has to be worth it!


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Jane, I use Bare Minerals too. Are you tapping the brush after you load it with powder. It shouldn't fly all over; maybe you're using too much. Try a very small amount, load the brush and tap the brush (I tap it against my sink and make a mess there) and apply. Then do it again if you need more. The first few times a used it I had waaayy too much on the brush and it would get on my clothes and everywhere.

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I have used Bare Minerals for about a year. It is my understand that it is all natural minerals so there wouldn't be any chemicals or "bad things" in it. It doesn't make me cough but I have to close my eyes to brush it on as I have sensitive eyes. I plan to keep on using it - I even brush it on the part of my bald head that shows under my hats. (Til I get my hair back). :lol:

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Makeup - what's that?? After I had two kids close together, makeup went out the window (acutally I think it's still somewhere in the bathroom cabinet - now if you want to talk toxic :shock:) Luckily, I live in laidback, "back to nature" northern Calif, but still can be a shock at times when passing a mirror. I say if you have the energy, go for it.

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Don't know about the make-up problem Joyce, but I know I get the "Heebies" when I see my husband filing away at his brass locomotives! He says the brass filings are too heavy to reach him but I always wonder!


PS. Isn't Hebbie's little dog a Darling!

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Your post is NOT dumb!!!

Even though I am a caregiver to two moms with cancer--and not the patient--Geoff and I have independently made almost all of the same choices as Heebie (as have my two moms).

My mother's breast surgeon PULLED ME ASIDE and told me "off the record" to stop using any anti-persperant/deoderant with aluminum in it (which I heard had been linked to cancer for years, but had ignored and chalked it up to being an urban myth). She's one of the best in the country and told me that although the scientific jury is still out--the anectodal evidence she's seeing in her practice has made up her mind until it is proven otherwise.

I was stunned. A year ago I used to pooh-pooh such things; I no longer do. The more research I do (and scientists I talk to), the more convinced am that these things DO have an effect on us.

So--I use Tom's of Maine, now. (A line of products I used to make fun of, smug, city-chick that I am). I sweat a little more now (which I have to admit I HATE), but I've gotten used to it. At least I don't smell.

I'm a teacher--and one of the "new" skills I teach to my fifth graders is how to highlight pertinant information. Needless to say, at first they highlight the WHOLE page and, in the process, get a lot of yellow ink all over themselves. At the end of last year I learned that according to my friends who are bio-chemists at Columbia University, an incredibly toxic dye is the yellow one that is used in yellow highlighters? Buy your kids pink or blue ones, instead, they told me... The little things we don't know...

We also have two heavy-duty air purifiers in the house (we also live in New York City, though). You should see what they pick up! Eeekk!

As Heebie said--what goes ON your body goes IN your body--and we are bombarded with fumes from our carpets, particle-board/pressed wood furniture, paint, chlorinated water, most mainstream cleaning products, etc.

So--as for your make-up. I guess I would take a hard look at the ingredients ("all natural" does NOT equal "safe"). I would want to know WHAT I am inhaling and putting on my skin.

Post the ingredient list and let's see if any of us know anything about it. :)

Sorry for the long-winded response. I hope some of it helped.


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Oh, the mention of particle board made me respond with this anecdote. During college while working on a Biology/Chemistry degree, I worked for one of the largest producers of particle board running formaldehyde emission tests for the government to establish "acceptable" levels. This was a three month study. ALL MY EYELASHES FELL OUT! Also, I had never had hay fever or suffered from any allergies prior but now have a hell of a time with them. I quit. And the eyelash story went into my last report. I often wondered what all the insides of all those guys looked like. I was the only female that worked in the back and surmised that it may have been a reaction with my makeup since the men had their eyelashes.


P.S. They grew back thicker, though!

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Thanks for everyone's responses.

Annie - I probably do need to not put so much on my brush but in the morning rush, I'm pretty much just slappin' it on :oops:

Melinda - After reading your post, I went out and bought deoderant that doesn't contain aluminum. The salesperson said that it doesn't seem to last as long a the regular stuff and she often has to reapply it once during the day. I don't really see me being able to remember to reapply so I had my husband swear that he'd tell me if I started to stink :shock:

Heather - I'm like you, I'm trying to get out everything in my environment that I know may be potentially harmful. As far as the cleaning products go, my friends paid for a cleaning lady while I was receiving chemo and since I've been off the chemo I have had her continue (so NO contact with cleaning supplies - although if you saw my house before I was diagnosed, you'd know there weren't a whole lot of cleaning products being used before) :wink:

Here is the list of ingredients in the various products I use - let me know if you know anything about these:

bismoth oxychloride

titanium dioxide

iron oxide

aluminum starch octenylsuccinate

magnesium stearate

zinc stearate





Thanks again to everyone-

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If I am not mistaken, methylparabin was recently brought up regarding breast cancer -- a study determined that a large percentage of women w/ breast cancer had methylparabin detected in their breast tissue. The were going to undergo some additional testing to see if there was a connection.

The woman that they talked to about that had been through breast cancer treatment and was advocating knowing what was in all the products you used, including make-up, toothpaste, deodorant (I too switched to aluminum free a while back) and shampoo (stay away from stuff with "sodium laureth sulfate"...)

I found a link from Dr. Weil's website that is pretty interesting -- basically says nothing conclusive, but you can always go "natural" if in doubt.

http://www.drweil.com/app/cda/drw_cda.h ... nId=333875

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