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  1. I got my scans guys and it’s very good news! So the treatment is definitely working, no new growth and there has been Shrinkage of the main nodule. As well, it seems that my bones have been healing as well. It’s over all very good news and I knew I was due for it. Hopefully everyone that got their scans also received good news as well. 

  2. Hey all!

    Update for everyone, today I’ll be getting my fourth dose of enhertu. After this dose I’ll be due for more pictures to see how everything is going. Hopefully I’m due for some good news like I’m been hoping for and continue this treatment. Lately I’ve been pretty fatigued and nauseous so lying down has been my remedy most of the time. I’ll update you guys with results once I get them, fingers crossed 🤞🏼 

  3. Update time!

    Just got my 3rd infusion of enhertu on Friday and I’ve been feeling great. One thing I’ve noticed is after a couple of days after infusion I get some fatigue and nausea but only for a couple days. I have one more infusion before my scans which let’s hope for some good news because I’m in need of it. I don’t like being left in the dark for so long but it’s part of it unfortunately.

    I actually found out some news of my previous treatment. It was actually a mixed response but the bad outweighed the good and I believe my doctor didn’t tell me not to get my hopes up. The good portion of it was that there was some shrinkage of the main nodule in my lung, but the bad was all the spots that emerged. So hopefully this new drug (which was recently just approved and I’m the first patient my doctor has given it too works).

    I’ll post updates when I got some more stuff for y’all. Thanks for being around like always and I hope things are going in your favor for everyone ❤️

  4. @LexieCatIm super glad to hear things have been working out in your favor! Hopefully that treatment kicks it’s butt and gets you better.

    Im going to be a collision repair tech, so fixing body work on cars and learning how to paint. Which is really what I want to do in life. I’m not letting this disease stop me from living life and advancing in it.

    I’m currently a garage mechanic for my house so I know a lot but no by trade, just by tinkering. My pops has shown me a lot in there and I have thought myself as well.

  5. Hey all,

    I just got my second out of four infusions done yesterday with enhertu. Like last time this treatment shouldn’t be too hard on me like chemo was. I have been able to work and do thing I use to do like go to the gym and work on my project car. I forgot to mention I’m going to trade school! One thing I have learned with this disease is that it can beat you to the ground and keep you there if you let it, which had happened to me. Not being able to work, being stuck at home 24/7 and stuck in that neck brace threw me into a bad depression. But I realized what cancer was doing to me and I fixed it right away. Now a days I’m doing better and my neck injury has been as well. I look forward to good news my way because I know I’m due for it. Hoping this treatment works in my favor, I have a feeling it will. I hope each and everyone has been doing good and has had good things come there way in life. If not, I’m sorry but keep your head up because it does get better. ❤️

  6. Hey all, 

    Treatment hasn’t been too hard on me. It’s actually a lot easier than the chemo definitely was. I’ll be on this for 4 infusions so I hope it works, I feel as it will but let’s hope. I’ve been having a lot of nausea last 2 days, I’ve been taking compazine but it hasn’t worked that well. Any other remedies for nausea? I could definitely use it. Doc said it’s the disease causing it but I feel like it’s left over symptoms from chemo. Thank you all, much love and luck to all. ❤️

  7. I’m actually going to be getting the targeted therapy if it’s approved by insurance which seems to be more of a trial since it isn’t used in treating lung cancer. I saw my oncologist about the scans already and they weren’t good but he only told me what he was able to read and it wasn’t good so when I saw the report I can tell everything else wasn’t good either.

    Im glad to see your hanging in there with your trial and I really hope it does good for you. Hang in there! 

  8. Does anyone look at their scans or just read the findings and try to understand it? I just read mine and found out that everything is just worse 😔. I really hope this targeted therapy does the trick. Reading these things got me really worried about my health.. 

  9. Hey all,

    I’ve been doing much better mentally. Going to therapy has helped a lot and my therapist has seen Improvements within the last week. I’ve gotten back into my main hobby which is building my project car and it’s brought me happiness. 

    In other news my scans where yesterday and most likely will be told the results today. I’m very nervous of the results but I know in my gut I’m due for good news so let’s hope for something good from the treatments. My 3rd infusion is today as well, after this one more left before I’m just left on immunotherapy. 

    I want to thank y’all for being there for me when I’ve most needed it and this time I’ve hit my worst. I know I don’t post much or check the community that much either but I hope each and everyone of y’all has received good news lately. ❤️

  10. Hey all, 

    Giving an update since it’s been a minute. My mental health as taken a massive hit since my break up and it’s spiraled into more than just my break up. It’s spiraled into being stuck in my home making it feel like a prison, the cancer and all the things it’s taken away and put me through. It’s a lot that I’ve been dealing with and attempting to cope. 

    Today I had labs and it showed that I’m more anemic then I was. Which explains why I had to leave work when I attempted to go back. The dizziness I had caused me to leave work early, I felt fine and it hit me out of no where. So on Monday I have to get a blood transfusion, which is a whopping 5-6 hours long. I also get scans next week to see how the chemo has affected me and I really hope for a good sign, that anxiety has been hitting me the closer it gets.

    I really just want to return to a normal life.. or somewhat normal with what I have. I really feel like I hit rock bottom with everything that’s been going on. I needed to vent somewhere, I hope everyone has been okay and has had good news come towards them. ❤️

  11. @Judy M2 my neurosurgeon doesn’t want manipulation of my neck so no physical therapy. 

    My second infusion has so far been smooth but of course life has to hit me in all the ways it can. My gf of 1 year and half decided it was best to leave me and end our relationship. Ive been destroyed the last 2 days and haven’t ate much at all. This all just feels like a big nightmare..

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